Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone I'm back! More than 2 months of disappearing from the scene, I almost forgot my log in password!!! Oh no, my blog seriously need a vaccum cleaner for Christmas. :( It has been a week since my return but somehow my brain/ heart still couldn't function well.. they must be lost somewhere in the deep ocean... 53 days of memories are still sitting in my camera, screaming for me to upload and share them with you guys. Please allow me some time to adjust back. Maybe after Christmas I'll do it? Or maybe after new year.............

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updates and Photos~

Sorry guys, I haven't been able to update my blog for a long while due to the super busy schedule...trainings trainings trainings.. Before I realised, it's already September and I'll be sailing away in one month's time! Oh no. This is both anticipating and scary! I'm sure you'll feel the excitement looking through some of these photos taken during our training sessions.

Practising for our gangway cheers...

Lots of meetings....

and discussions................ Zzzzzz

dance practices...........

Cookie monster! :D

Plenty of games........ (I was 'sabotaged'. Boo!! Lol.)

and team building sessions.........

The 'temptation island'! hahah

We built our rafts!

These are super heavy! :S

row row row your boat...........

Getting intimate........

For more photos and frequent updates on our training sessions, checkout our contingent blog or our facebook fan page. Come join us on our journey! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take the damn cheese!

I have to share this video clip with you guys. It's so funny and so cute! I laughed each time the music came out. Lol.

Hope your weekend was great. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

MIA Updates

My apology for missing in action for so long. Life has been pretty hectic since my SSEAYP training started last month. Long hours of training, 4 days a week which leave me only 3 other days to catch up with work and some rest.

Currently I'm also working with a stationary company in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), on their winter series. I was thrilled when they contacted me to work with them. Another surprise came when I saw their company's name - Winged Wheel. The first thought that came to mind was, 'Angel's' Wings???!! :DD

See their logo? ♥

Not only do I love their name, I adore their style as well! Simple, chic and classic.. that's what they are. Furthermore, their paper products are made from 100% cotton fiber paper, also known as the world's finest quality paper. And you know what? Winged Wheel was established in 1918....that's almost a CENTURY ago!!! WOW! I'm so hoping I'll get to see my designs selling in Tokyo when I visit Japan this October. Hee hee. My Angels must have been watching over me. :)

Drooling over their vibrant colored envelopes... Love the black/fusion pink one especially! :)

For more information on Winged Wheel and what other fabulous stuffs they have, check out their website or their blog.

Moving on... I'd promised updates with photos of my training sessions so there you go! The Singapore contingent! :) There are 29 of us, including our national leader.

Our first residential training session.... Checking into our 'jungle' lodge.

Now you know why it's call the jungle lodge. Couldn't complain much about the room.. it's clean and nice BUT for a light sleeper like me, sleeping in a room with 6 other people was a real challenge. Needlessly to say, I only managed to get one hour of rest that night. =___= 

My roommates (with one missing that day).

Forget about the contact lens, I'm going to look unglam for the rest of the training sessions. lol

I feel like I'm back to school again.

Briefing by past years' participants. (I swear I wasn't sleeping okay.)

Someone was spying me!


Choosing fabric for our uniforms.

Dinner time!

Firecrackers time! hahaa. This was fun. We were transported back into our childhood days. Thank you, Sherry for bringing these firecrackers for us. :)

Flag raising ceremony the following morning before we proceed for sports and games.

First casualty of the day. Lol.

That's all I have for you today. If I have to upload all the photos, I'm sure it'll take me at least another 2 days to do so. Apart from the deprivation of rest, I have so much to be thankful for; everyone is easy to get along with, we take care of one another and most importantly, we're having lots of fun together. :)

I'll be back for more updates! Meanwhile, take care everyone~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Beautiful Story With A Beautiful Moth

Something wonderful happened to me recently.... a beautiful green moth had visited my house. It was lingering near the kitchen area when I discovered her (let's assume it was a 'her'). I've never came across such a vibrant colored moth before so I thought it must be a butterfly (until I did some research on the internet).

As I stood there at the kitchen corridor observing this pretty thing, I couldn't help but recalled a story I once read on a book called, 'The Times Of Our Lives: (Extraordinary True Stories Of Synchronicity, Destiny, Meaning, And Purpose)'. During that time Dr. Wayne Dyer was writing the book, 'Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling' and while working on this particular chapter, “The Language of the Spirit”, a butterfly had landed on his finger and stayed with him for several hours. In the chapter, Dr. Dyer wrote about how our 'Spiritual Guides' (God, Ascended Master, Angels, Fairies etc.) try to get in touch with us sometimes. Often than not, we're either too busy looking for an answer elsewhere that we fail to notice the signs when they're presented to us, or we are merely too occupy with our daily lives to slow down and connect with them. He also states that “Everything in nature is in-Spirit – it isn’t spoiled by ego, nor can it ever be. So when nature speaks to us, we should listen intently. When a wild bird touches us, for instance, or a fish brushes by when we’re swimming in the ocean or lake, I believe that it’s a direct communication from our Source of Being. Since these creations of God instinctively keep their distance, when they depart from their DNA patterns to actually contact us physically, I think we should pay attention.”

Back to my story....
I relatively surprised myself as I began to take interest in this little creature. Usually I'd keep a distance from 'intruders' like this one (worse if they're from the lizard family). Perhaps something about its color drew my attention or maybe I was just curious whether what happened to Dr. Dyer could possibly happen on me as well. Once I set my mind on starting a friendship with my visitor, I did what a good host would do when friends visit; I offered the honey water I was sipping, to her. I poured some into a small bottle cap, placed it on the floor near her and waited with anticipation. What followed thereafter left me in awe. Eager to accept my friendship, Greenie (okay, I'd named it) immediately glided onto the bottle cap! I couldn't figure whether she was drinking the honey but it didn't matter. My first attempt was a success!

Encouraged by that, I got more bold. I leaned even closer.. my face just a few inches away from hers. And she didn't flinch one bit! Wow. I knew I had to record this amazing episode down. I dashed into my room, grabbed my camera and faithfully returned to her side. The next thing that happened marked the most touching moment of our lives. I gently placed my index finger right infront of Greenie. Without a slightest bit of hesitation, she crawled onto it! And I almost wanted to cry!!! I felt an incredible sense of warm over me as Greenie stood there on my finger. It seemed like time had stood still. When I finally regained my consciousness, I lifted her up to my face to observe her closely and snapped more photos of her. Apart from the pretty vibrant wings, there were tiny little fur on them. Everything about her looked so mini.. her legs were even slimmer than the thinnest thread I've ever seen! I might not be able to see her eyes but I had a feeling she was trying to figure me out too.

Greenie seemed comfortable standing on my finger so I took her to my room, sat on my bed and continued to 'connect' with her. I knew this must be a sign from my Angel since I'd been asking for guidance about my life's direction. I also know that green is a color of healing and the symbolic meaning of a moth could mean 'psychic perception, intuition, prophecy and clarity'. I went a little crazier by helding her close to my face again and asked, ''Are you my Angel?'' I know.. you must think this Rheea was probably out of her mind. If I was insane, Greenie wasn't any better because right immediately I asked the question, she responded by flapping her wings! Now I really felt giddy. To prove I was really really out of my mind, I tried this again. And she answered with the same reaction!!! I couldn't remember how many attempts I did but I was convinced I was communicating with my Angel! Totally insane. Oh and I forgot to mention it was way past midnight. Talking to a moth at this hour? HA! Almost an hour passed.. I started to get sleepy. Greenie didn't show any sign of wanting to leave yet. I tried coaxing her to go by gently jerking my finger... no reaction. I turned my finger downward and upward, down and up and down... again no movement. I blew on her face.. still no reaction. She was adamant to stay. Finally I decided if I wanted to make her go, I had to take her out. I carefully placed her outside my window pane, making sure I left the window ajar so she could come in again if she wanted to.

When morning came, Greenie was gone. I never see her again from that day on but that precious hour we spent together will always remain in my heart. I feel really blessed to know that my Angels are always somewhere near me.. whether I see them or not. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Etsy Feature for the ladies~ :D


It's SHOPPING time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited to share with you these awesome treasures I've dug up from etsy. Don't blink your eyes!

What a great torture to walk into a store that's overflow with amazing stuffs; they wave at us.... luring us to walk closer and when you do pick them up from the shelf, you're half doom. It's almost a miracle if you didn't kill your last bit of savings in such a shop. Agree?

Try entering this one, Topsyturvydesign and let me know if you survived. I love their styling too!

See, I warned you. 

More hair accessory and necklaces from Luniacstyle. Hey gorgeous. :)

Moving on... this is one of my latest etsy favorites, Desirapesta. I'll tell you what I adore about this store; the fresh colors, nice cuts, gorgeous styling... You can even get ideas on how to match a simple skirt with various tops and accessories to create many different looks!   

Don't you love to have something you can personalised and make it uniquely yours? Here at Polkadotmagpie, you can do just that. Plus, these look so adorable!

Quejimenez has the most candy-licious colored bags! Love the clean cut look and contrast color thread finishing.  

If you prefer the more 'cowboy' look, Moxieandoliver is the store for you. From bags, clutches, wallets, belts, cuffs and watches.... over 160 exquisite designs to pick from. Wow.

Look at these craftmanship.... 

Just when you thought I couldn't surprise you any further...........

Tattoo stockings from Post! Are your lips curling into a smile? Tell me you can't decide on which pair to get as well!

I hope you love what I've shared with you today. But pls don't hold me responsible if you'd spent all your rainy day's fund. Opps......