Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Works At Esplanade Shop

As I've mentioned, you may now find my works at another store and it is inside this HUGE 'durian' of Singapore. Yummy~

(Esplanade, also known as the 'big durian' is a performing arts venue for local and international performances).

Esplanade Shop is located at, 8 Raffles Avenue #02-02, Singapore 033801.

Their management is pretty strict with the 'no photo-taking within the shop' rule so I wasn't able to snap photos on some of the coolest stuffs they carry. Apparently you can find a wide variety of merchandise in this shop. From postcards, music cds, books, apparels, fashion accessories to their signature commemorative coins of the Esplanade. If you're here on a holiday, be sure to drop by and bring back some unique souvenirs with you!

How can you not get a lovely note card to go with that special gift? ;) My prints are also available here.

Also, when you visit the Esplanade from now till July, don't forget to say hello to these erm........... interesting looking guys. These ethereal figures are the creation of Pakistani sculptor, Khalil Chishtee. See how he transformed the plain-looking plastic rubbish bags we use in our daily lives into these inspiring work of art.

My favorite! Isn't he the coolest?

I can't help but wonder whose these belong to.................... Lol.

Could it be hers???? Oh my, someone pls help her down!!!!!

You may even find these adorable comic doodles along the stretch of wall at the underground leading to the CityLink Mall. Anyone is welcome to 'vandalise' them! 

The chinese phrase, '天天向上' means to be keen in learning and progress everyday.

Hahaha. This is so cute!


koralee said...

Congratulations my friend...your cards etc...look so lovely. I wish I had a shop I could just walk into and pick up your lovely lovely treasures. Hope all is well and Nono is doing much better. Hugs. xoxoxo

Pili said...

Wow, Rheea! You always find the most awesome places to carry your stuff!!

babalisme said...

Your prints are officially all over the town!! Yes! Paint the town with your illustrations!

The comic doodles are amazing and the "added art" is giving them more juice. The City of Singapore is finally saying yes to vandalism, this is new! I wish I can drop a line to ^^

devonrose said...

Congrats on yet another super cute shop that has your beautiful creations! Thanks so much for your comment too, I wanted to tell you that we found a place! It's right next door to Disneyland:)

Holly said...

This place looks FANCY, Rheea! Your work looks so nice tucked inside this fascinating shop. I love the plastic bag guys! You're right- the one laying down is so funny. There are some pretty amazing things to see in Singapore. I think you and I both have a case of the "grass is greener" syndrome. Let's switch homes for a while!