Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy Wednesday

Good day! How is everyone doing?

I've fallen sick again.. blocked nose.. bad throat.. Hate :( But but..... this hasn't stop me from doing the things I enjoy. Heh. First of all, I've finally mastered the beautiful piano piece, 'The Swan' by Saints Saens!! This was indeed a challenging piece for a self-taught student like me. It took me ermm.. more than three months to get it right. But it was all worth it. ^^

Here's one version of The Swan. I hope one day I'll be able to play as beautifully as him..


Besides some private time with my beloved piano, I've been caught up with a book I recently got from the library. 'Changing Your Course (The 5-step guide to getting the live you want)' is a great book I want to recommend to everyone especially those who are looking for a change in your life at this moment. All of us go through changes, big or small, at different point of our lives and this book could be of great assistance. Bob and Melinda Blanchard share their own stories about how they'd transformed their dreams into reality and step-by-step guides on how, we too, can achieve that.~ ^^

‎''Don't let fear keep you from following through on your dream. Stop imagining the worst. Instead, think how great you'll feel once you succeed.'' -Bob and Melinda Blanchard

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go With The Flow~ ^^

Helllooooo… I'm back on the scene again! Apology for my disappearance.. I was a little sidetracked for quite a while.

In the past 4 months, I've changed 3 part time jobs! That's like nearly 1 per month? Did I just set a record? I used to cringe at the idea of having to start all over again in a new environment, but now I'm actually enjoying it; new friends, new things to learn, new experiences!

No doubt the same question has been thrown to me countless times as to why I resist a full time job so much. And I know many people think I'm being 'unrealistic' or 'immature'. I think that's being judgemental. Most people are comfortable with a stable job but are they REALLY happy with what they're doing for a living? I'll leave the answer to them. Call me stubborn, 'weird', or be secretly jealous of me all you want because I'll still not trade in my freedom for a meaningless better-paid job.

Yes, I admit sometimes I do get stressed up when I have trouble making ends meet (most of the time it's because clients do not pay on time -.- but that's beside the point). In my years of learning, I've come to understand that stress actually come from our feeling of fear. We get stressed when we feel overwhelmed. As I learn to let go of the need to be in control of every circumstances, I become more at peace with myself.. and with life. When we stop resisting change, life can be so much more enjoyable! What I'll always remind myself if thing doesn't work out the way I like, is to slow down, make some adjustment if I need to. Alternatively, it may be my Angels' way of telling me they have something better in store for me. I just need to have some faith and a little patience. :)


A few days ago, I received an email from one of my customers. This wonderful lady from Israel bought several pieces of my works on my online store and returned to purchase more shortly after. She told me how much she loves my works and wanted to frame them all and put up on her wall. When I saw these lovely photos in her email, I was close to tears. I had never imagined someone would love my works so much to want to showcase them in her house. This was her message to me,

''Hi Rheea! It took a while but... here are some pictures of my living room wall with your gorgeous illustrations. Everyone here loves it and i L-O-V-E it! You can be proud of your self, you are very talented! I am very picky about pictures hanging on my walls, but the minute i saw your works, i knew exactly - this is what i want!''

Perhaps sometimes all we need is just a little assurance about what we've fought so hard for... Thank you, Aviya. :’)