Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Postcards and Charity

Sorry for the long wait, my Christmas postcards sets are finally available in stores now. Each set comes with 6 different lovely cards, printed on premium 300gsm paper. I really like how the cards turned out.. smooth with matt lamination on the front and a rough texture for the back for easier writing. There are only 500 sets up for grabs. I've decided I won't be printing more for next Christmas. There goes to say, if these 500 sets are sold out, you won't get to see them anymore. Not only that, I'm going to drop 50 cents into my 'teddy bank' for every postcards set purchased. These money will then go to the ACRES (Animal Concerns and Research Education Society). Some of you may be aware that I've been making donations for every $20 spent in my shop to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) since day one. Now you can spend less than $20 to do just the same! I'm sure no matter where the animals are, they will be grateful for a generous Christmas.

Visit my Etsy store HERE for more details on the cards. They will also be available in local bricks and mortar stores I've consigned my merchandise at, within the next few days.

As mentioned, the ACRES aims to create a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings and where the environment is preserved for future generations. They will be holding a flea market cum Christmas party (open to public) at Loof on 5th December 2009. I've contributed 32 greeting cards for this event. All proceeds will go to the Wildlife Protection Programme. If you are in Singapore on that day, I hope to see you there.

You may ask, ''Why help animals''?

''Like us, animals have biological needs and experience pain, stress and discomfort. Many are intelligent and feel complex emotions like joy, happiness, depression and distress. Studies show that they have family bonds and feel true compassion for each other. But what they can't do is speak for themselves. So humans feel justified in treating them as mere objects.

By pretending that animals don't suffer, that they can't feel pain, that they have no real need or desire for freedom, it is easier for people to use them purely as commodities and ignore their suffering. So every year billions of them are captured, imprisoned, neglected, abused and slaughtered for human ends. They are used for everything from entertainment and sports to consumer product testing and food. If animals don't have a say in their treatment, then it is up to all caring human beings to give them a voice, speak up on their behalf and end their abuse.'' -ACRES

Sadly, these cruelty happen all around the world... I'm sure we can do our bit to help. For donation or other ways you can help, pls click on HERE. I thank you for your kindness and support on behalf of the animals. :)


*All images are taken from ACRES website.


Pili said...

1.- I absolutely LOVE the cards! (on my way to get me a set)

2.- It's an amazing cause, and we really should stop and think that we SHARE the Earth with the rest of living beings, so we should make our best to treat them as we´d want to be treated!

Holly said...

Those turned out beautifully, Rheea! I can't imagine a more lovely way to receive holiday greetings from a loved one. What made you decide not to do them again next year?

I had no idea that you donated a portion of your sales to animal charities, but that's just one more thing I love about you! You have such a kind heart. ♥

koralee said...

Yahooo I just ordered a set...I adore them. Your cause is such a great on too!!! I knew I loved you! I can't wait to get them. xoxoxxo

Rheea said...

Thank you for making my day, girls!!! Off to get the packages ready for shipment tomorrow. :D

devonrose said...

great cards and a great cause, I'm going to get mine this Saturday after I pick up my check:)


Holly said...

Omg I just noticed your new blog banner. That's ADORABLE, Rheea!

apparentlyjessy said...

Beautiful artwork for a most worthy cause, I love animals so much, I hate it so much when I see an animal treated with so much disrespect.

I love your Christmas designs, and the Christmas theme blog banner is so totally awesome!