Friday, August 28, 2009


I am so lucky and honored to be featured in Kim's (from KimberlyRose) blog! I didn't know my works can be so beautifully put together. It was way better than I could ever imagine! All thanks to the very talented Kim. I tell you, this lady is not only friendly and sweet, she can do amazing digital art too! I can go on and on to brag about her (no, she didn't bribe me with that feature). Take a look at the pics below. I'm sure you will stand on my side.

To read full article, pls visit Kim's blog here.

Some of my favorites from her Etsy store.

Titled: ''Swing''

Titled: ''Depends on how you look at it''
. Can I keep him/her as my pet??

Titled: ''The Golden Surf''. Beautiful sky (dreamy sigh)...

Titled: ''Jumping for Cheese!''. This is too cute!! My Nono wouldn't be able to jump this high.

See more pics of Kim's dog, Mic here. I swear his cuteness is on par with Nono.

Here's one with him picking a winner for Kim's giveaway. Shhhhsss...Nono might be jealous if he knows I praises other dogs.

Thank you everyone who has took part in my giveaway! For those who haven't, pls scroll down a little bit more to do so. The weekend is here again. Have a bucket of great fun!~

Sunday, August 23, 2009


As promised, I'm back with my 3rd GIVEWAY! If you're screaming away right now, you're going to alert the neighbours when I tell you the prizes, so please calm down before I proceed...

Ready? Here we go. In conjunction with the launch of my Dollgift greeting card series, I will be giving away:

1) One greeting card. There are a total of 8 designs for you to choose from. Each of my greeting card comes with a matching bookmark and a cute envelope. What's so special about my cards? Well, all the cards open up to a full illustration! On top of that, the lucky winner will also receive:

2) One of my best selling Byrheea prints, 'Waiting Forever' (see pic below).

3) One Byrheea laminated postcard, 'A Letter For You' (see pic below). This postcard won the most numbers of votes for the poll in my blog this January.

Let's see what are some of the designs I've got. For all the cards' designs, pls visit my Etsy store.

card design 1 - Big Wedding Cake

full illustration

card design 2 - Paint My Love

full illustration

card design 3 - It's My Birthday!

full illustration

card design 4 - I Heart You

full illustration

card design 5 - Love Tree

full illustration

Byrheea print - Waiting Forever. Inspired by the fairy tale, 'Rapunzel'.

Byrheea postcard - A Letter For You

How to enter:

a) This is going to be interesting. Tell me about your goal/dream(s), eg. what would you truely love to do with your life? Or what would you do if you are a multi millionaire? Leave your answer in my comment column together with your contact detail.

b) Everyone can join! No matter where you're from, male or female, old or young, long hair, short hair or no hair, as long as you have a dream(s), you're welcome to participate!

c) Each one of you is only entitled to ONE chance of winning. Yes, even if you are a huge Dollgift fan, my fellow blog follower or say I'm pretty (thank you), strictly ONE chance only.

d) Contest ends on 13 Sept. Winner will be announced on the same day. I will write down all your names on pieces of paper and get my very helpful Nono to randomly pick a lucky winner. If you're picked, I will contact you for your mailing address and to choose your desired card design. Also, I will share with you what are some of my dreams after I announced the winner. :)

Currently, my Dollgift greeting cards are for sale at several other retail outlets in Singapore. Anthropology at The Scarlet Hotel boutique, Anthropology at Holland Village and Cat Socrates. To purchase online, pls visit my etsy store. For wholesale enquiry on my cards, pls contact me at

Alright guys, have fun with the giveaway and good luck!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bracelet And Nono

Hello everyone! Sorry for the bit of neglect lately. I have so many things to write that I'm not sure where to begin now (serves me right for not blogging for 10 days). I was having a busy month with the up-coming of my greeting card series and some other stuffs. BUT, that would also mean I'm going to have new products to feature very soon. Not only that, there will be a GIVEAWAY too! I'm not going to reveal too much now but I promise you won't be disappointed with the 'prize'. Hee. Stay tuned if you don't want to miss this chance.

On Friday, I received my Etsy purchase! It was a lovely bracelet with the word 'courage' engraved. Many times in our lives, I believe we need some courage in order to overcome any fear or obstacles we face. This will act as a reminder for me. I love the elegant design of this piece, together with the great workmanship. What's more, this bracelet costs me only $11 including shipping! Check out sandrandan's shop for more beautiful and affordable jewelry.

Other favorites from her shop. ''Find a Friend Intention'' bottle at only $15, free shipping.

Isn't this lovely? I have half the mind not to share this. Haha. It's a ''Skeleton Key Gothic Wings Necklace'' at only $24, free shipping.

I noticed there is a new follower to my blog today. Yay! Thanks for the add, Alison (from shootingstar27). If you guys haven't seen me much on Twitter, pls understand that I still do not have much idea how to go about using the features in Twitter. Instead, I found another way to connect with my fans through, Facebook! I've created a Dollgift Fan Club page two days ago. Now there are a total of 39 fans. Thank you for all the love and support. I will be updating the site regularly and there will also be a discussion board where we can discuss about anything! So pls visit here to find out more. Those of you who already have a facebook account, feel free to add me. :)

If you're more concern on news about Nono which I believe he'd gained a little more attention lately (okay, I'm a LITTLE jealous); he wasn't in a happy mood recently due to some infection near his ears area. The itch was so bad, he couldn't stop scratching thus causing some broken skin. But don't worry, we've brought him to the vet and got him some medication. I'm sure he'll be good again in no time.

On a lighter note, all the discomfort did not stop him from enjoying his favourite snack.

The biscuits look and smell so nice. I was tempted to try one myself (Shhhsss... don't let Nono hear this or he will never trust me with his food anymore).


''Yummy, yummy!''

''Can I have more plssss...?''

''More, more, more!''

Enjoy your weekend! Weeeee~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Happiness

I was tagged by Holly, from Hollyrocks to list 6 things that bring me joy. There are so many things that can make me smile, to pick only 6 is pretty tough. Let's see what are the rules of this game:

Link back to the person who tagged you.
List six little things that make you happy.
Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

So here are some of the things that bring me happiness (out of the very long list):

1) My family! I know my parents would not appreciate the idea of having their faces posted, so I have Nono as the representative. I'm sure he is used to having his pics all over my blog by now.

2) Having great friends around me. I hope my friends do not get a shock when they see their pic here. lol. My hair was soooo long then..

3) Beautiful skies make me smile. :)

4) Anything about Angels make my heart sing~

''A bubble tea a day keeps the doctor away.'' -Rheea

6) Turning the pages of my childhood photo albums. Make a guess which is me? Hint: Not those grouchy ones. LOL.

What, 6 already??!! Okay please allow me to add just one more.

7) I love CHRISTMAS!!

Now, check out the blogs of these 6 lovely people:

I Love Devon Rose

Have a HAPPY weekend everyone! :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Positions

Don't you just hate it if you're the type who always have trouble falling asleep and there you see someone who can sleep and sleep all they like? I tell you, this fellow here can sleep ANYTIME at ANYWHERE, in ALL KINDS of positions! Below are the evidences I've collected over the years.

In the living room

on the sofa

on my bed

on daddy/mommy's bed

in a pile of dirty laundry

in his own bed

on bro's bed

on my desk

see how he bullied me while I worked. (The next time you spot any typo error in my blog, you'd understand why).

outside the bedroom

on warm days, he pushes his little bed into bro's room to 'share' the air-conditioning. I'm not kidding, he really pushes his bed (with his nose) into the room. Dogs do know how to enjoy life.

My darling boy loves to sleep alot but still, he hates to bathe. And I love to watch his expression while he gets his shower. Haha.