Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Saturday - Bicycling, Twilight and Feature!

Yesterday was a traditional festival of all our fellow Muslim friends, Hari Raya Haji. And so, it was a public holiday for us! I had a great time bicycling with my friends at the East Coast Park. It was drizzling when we got there but stopped eventually. I was hoping a rainbow might appear after the light shower.. well, it didn't. The weather was pretty cloudy for the rest of the evening so no beautiful sunset too. Well, at least it was windy.

In the late evening we went for a movie. This was no ordinary movie. It was a movie I had been anticipating for the longest time -- NEW MOON!! Yay! I had to admit, it was a mixed feeling after the movie. I love the story and the characters - Taylor Lautner was so sexy in this one.. in fact a whole lot more than Robert Pattinson. Seriously I never thought Robert is good looking in the first place. I think his head is literally too big for his body (sorry Robert's fans, I'm speaking the truth). Okay, back to the movie. Perhaps my expectation for this film was too high. The plot wasn't as interesting as it's novel (I've read all four books. Hee!). At some point I thought the story was not clearly elucidated and people who have not read the novel would have trouble understanding what was going on. Plus, the werewolves were another huge disappointment. Warning to those of you who are planning to watch New Moon, you have to catch Twilight FIRST before you go for New Moon.

On a different note, my 'Lullaby silk-screened pillow' is featured in the Etsy treasury today. Thank you, Gwen from dancingintherains! :)

If you think these are not enough to make me happy, my blog pal, Pili certainly perfected my weekend by featuring my Christmas postcards in her blog! Pili is not only the very FIRST customer who purchased my Christmas cards, she is also a sweeeeet friend. I was flattered by the compliments she had for my cards. Click HERE for the feature. Thank you, Pili! May all of you have a weekend as beautiful as mine~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Etsy Feature Time!

Hello~ I'm back with my Etsy feature once again! Are you anticipating? :) This week's theme promises to be fun, playful, amusing, weird, unpredictable.. anything that can be categorised as 'whimsical' are in. Sounds fun already? Here we go!

''Original Art Found Object Mobile'' from MalcolmStudioShop. Use this to keep your love notes, coins, tea bags or simply as a home decor - made from vintage tin, jewlery and copper wire. How about making your very own recycled tin? I'm inspired!

'Original Art Assemblage HOLD YOUR HORSES'. This is so pretty too.

'Upcycled Ella the Elephant Chalkboard' from Oldcrowfarm. An elephant made out of an old cutting board. How cute! :)

'Upcycled Insulator Distressed Blue Rack'. Another recycle piece by them. Love the raw 'feel' and color of this one.

'Making Out / Reading the Bible - DO NOT DISTURB door hanger' from ilikeapplejuice.
How about hanging this outside your bedroom? At least you won't be disturbed at the wrong time! LOL.

'Paper Circus with Dancing Squirrels' from UnderTheStairStudios. Isn't these lovely? And they're handmade! Be sure to check out a whole lot more adorable papercrafts in the store.

Next, this store made it to the top in my list of favorite jewelry stores. It has to be yours now, too.
'COME UP -Slider Ring-sterling silver' from mujoyas.

The little plates can be slided. Cool huh?

'It's raining- Slider Ring'. Love this too..

'Drawer Ring' also from the same store. And the drawer can be opened! Haven't I warned you about falling in love with this store?

'Robot and Toaster are Friends' polymer clay from sleepyrobot13. How can anyone resist this cuteeeee robot?

Even his tire expression looks so adorable. Has your heart already melted?

Plus, he has an interesting companion.. Meet Beary! The description says, 'This is an example of what happens when you put a toxic waste dump next to a toy store... Beary never noticed he was any different than the other fluffy friends on the shelves of the toy store,but always wondered why people ran when he asked for a hug.' Oh no, poor Beary. I love you without a doubt.

'Felted Chocolate Dog Hat' from fiberpuppy. Imagine my Nono wearing this. Hee hee. If you prefer cats, here's a kitty design for you.

'The Intrusion' necklace from UntamedMenagerie. Another of my favorite jewelry store.

'Nocturnal Studs'.

Lastly, 'Vampires Versus Mummies Checker Game' from PsAndQs. The most bizarre checkers game sets I've ever seen. I'm sure this will make a perfect gift for any checkers game lover.
'Robots Versus Aliens Checkers Game'.

I hope you found something you like? Before I go, HERE are the details of my newly consigned stores I'd promised to let you know. I'll be back with the photos real soon so stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random photos

Recently I found a new shop (two outlets) to consign my works at. Each time after a big 'assignment', my brain would go into hibernation mode and I feel as though I can sleep for 3 days straight. That must be the 'distress' (can't think of a perfect word to use) in doing handmades eh? Or am I the only one who feel so? Like now, I want to write something but words just refuse to come out right. Look like I got to come back to give you the shop details in my next post. For now, I'll make do with these random photos I took over the months.

Iluma shopping mall

Raffles Hotel hallway

Sunset view from inside the car

The Marina Barrage

The Singapore Merlion!

Largest Buddhist temple in Singapore - Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Saw this beautiful creature outside my house the other day. It is bigger than my head!

Tiger or cat?

Isn't she gorgeous? I passed by this pet grooming shop and spotted this beautiful dog. She stood there patiently while the groomer worked on her. Every passerby was mesmerized by her elegance.

My love (x100)!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your Dreams And What They Mean

Do you know that an average person has about 3 to 5 dreams per night? Some may have up to 7 dreams in one night and I am the latter. What some of you may not know is that EVERYBODY dreams! Even though some people claim they sleep through the night without dreaming, it is scientifically proven that all human beings in a study showed brain activity during their sleep. Just because you can't remember your dreams doesn't mean you don't dream.

I always feel that our dreams are unique to us. No other individual can share the same emotions or experiences. A dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides us with insight into ourselves and a means for self-exploration. By understanding our dreams, we can have a better discovery of our true self. Try googling 'dreams interpretation' and you will see 4,030,000 results. However there is one site I visit in particular everyday, the 'Dream Moods'. This dream interpretation site allows us to key in a specific key word to get the meaning. Sounds interesting? Last night I had a fact I had several dreams but this was the one scene I could recall; I was waiting for a bus back home. I waited for a long time to realise the bus I was waiting for will never arrive because it has changed its route. I typed in the word 'bus' in Dream Mood and this was what it said, 'To dream that you are waiting for a bus, indicates a temporary setback in achieving your personal goals. If you miss the bus or get on the wrong bus, then it indicates that an aspect of your life is out of control. You need to slow down and map out a new plan.' I have a feeling it was referring to my career path so I reckon it's time for me to slow down and get my life into perspective again. What have you dreamt about lately?

If you are keen to know more about dreams, you got to check out this website. I hope you have fun. Oh wait a minute. There is one more which you may be interested as well on You can find loads of funny dreams some people experienced, eg. 'Losing teeth at my wedding', 'Uncovering the corpse', 'Madonna's red suit', 'Running After My Boyfriend', 'Film-star boyfriend'. Don't be surprise to find a few similar dreams as yours..I dreamt about celebrities on several occasions (I shall keep the details to myself). Lol. Hold on, I hope your thoughts are not running wild? Well, typed in 'celebrities' in Dream Moods to find out more. ;)

Lastly.. animals dream too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Postcards and Charity

Sorry for the long wait, my Christmas postcards sets are finally available in stores now. Each set comes with 6 different lovely cards, printed on premium 300gsm paper. I really like how the cards turned out.. smooth with matt lamination on the front and a rough texture for the back for easier writing. There are only 500 sets up for grabs. I've decided I won't be printing more for next Christmas. There goes to say, if these 500 sets are sold out, you won't get to see them anymore. Not only that, I'm going to drop 50 cents into my 'teddy bank' for every postcards set purchased. These money will then go to the ACRES (Animal Concerns and Research Education Society). Some of you may be aware that I've been making donations for every $20 spent in my shop to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) since day one. Now you can spend less than $20 to do just the same! I'm sure no matter where the animals are, they will be grateful for a generous Christmas.

Visit my Etsy store HERE for more details on the cards. They will also be available in local bricks and mortar stores I've consigned my merchandise at, within the next few days.

As mentioned, the ACRES aims to create a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings and where the environment is preserved for future generations. They will be holding a flea market cum Christmas party (open to public) at Loof on 5th December 2009. I've contributed 32 greeting cards for this event. All proceeds will go to the Wildlife Protection Programme. If you are in Singapore on that day, I hope to see you there.

You may ask, ''Why help animals''?

''Like us, animals have biological needs and experience pain, stress and discomfort. Many are intelligent and feel complex emotions like joy, happiness, depression and distress. Studies show that they have family bonds and feel true compassion for each other. But what they can't do is speak for themselves. So humans feel justified in treating them as mere objects.

By pretending that animals don't suffer, that they can't feel pain, that they have no real need or desire for freedom, it is easier for people to use them purely as commodities and ignore their suffering. So every year billions of them are captured, imprisoned, neglected, abused and slaughtered for human ends. They are used for everything from entertainment and sports to consumer product testing and food. If animals don't have a say in their treatment, then it is up to all caring human beings to give them a voice, speak up on their behalf and end their abuse.'' -ACRES

Sadly, these cruelty happen all around the world... I'm sure we can do our bit to help. For donation or other ways you can help, pls click on HERE. I thank you for your kindness and support on behalf of the animals. :)


*All images are taken from ACRES website.