Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simply Beautiful

In my previous feature, I've shared with you some of my cutest findings from Etsy. It was so much fun and I've decided I should do this more often. This time round, I'm going to feature some of my favorite jewelry.

First of all, let me introduce you to jacjewelry! I bought a pair of Bon Chic Agate earrings from her after winning her giveaway. The package arrived with a lovely, hand-written notecard and some sweet- smelling dried petals. Thank you Janna! I love the cut and the feel of these gemstones. (Agate strenghtens victories of all kinds. Gives courage, strength, aids in awakening the inner self for receptiveness. Protects and wards off the evil eye, keeps away bad dreams, cures insomnia. Absolutely perfect for me!).

If I have the spare cash, I would have bought this as well...
Smoky Elegance Bracelet

Oh and this!!!... I want everything in her shop :(
Nature's Touch Necklace

If you like abstract jewelry, check out Ctbydonna's store.

Another of my favorites in her shop.. (my hair is too short for this now).

Who wouldn't love these stunning rings. I think they will make a uniqe housewarming gift...or a proposal ring? ;) Visit JDavisStudio's store for more ideas.

If you have a fetish for vintage jewelry, you got to check out MorningGloryDesigns's store. So many of her items are in my favorites that I had a hard time deciding which to feature. Apparently, the next piece of treasure I'm going to introduce is SUPER HIGH on my wishlist.

How about some sweeeeet necklaces from CarolineCowen's store.

Dear family and friends.. if you are thinking of what to get me this Christmas, I think I've given you enough suggestions. Don't you just love blogs! :p

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Blues Remedy

Are you going through your regular Monday blues? I bet the following pics will chase away the blues. But before you scroll down....

1) If you are eating/ drinking, pls swallow your food or water first (I don't want you to get choked).
2) If you are holding a sharp object, pls put it down before you injured yourself (or the person beside you).
3) If you are at work and your boss is in the office right now, I'd suggest you close this window and read it when he/ she is not around (unless your boss has some sense of humor).

Seems like only yesterday...

Barbie doll has her 50th birthday this year.......

Tweety Bird is 60 years old! This is sad... :(

And what about all our other .... childhood SUPERHEROES?



Wonder Woman (touch of menopause here I think?)

Batman and Robin...


PS: Certainly not advisable to show these to your kids.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fallen Angel

My lastest work! This was an assignment I did for Hyde Park Review of Books’ relaunch issue. (The Hyde Park Review of Books critiques promising poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from small, medium, independent and University presses. They also publish interviews, reportage, essays, and audio/visuals on bookculture and they've been featured in Utne Reader, Wired Magazine, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Arts & Letters Daily).

Theme: surrealist (ghost, Angel, papier-mache submarines, talking shoes, etc). Mood: sadness, lost, darkness and fear. I was really excited when I saw 'Angel' in the list. For those of you who have been following my blog, you should know about my extreme obsession with Angels. Needless to say, I picked Angel to work on.

rough sketch after some brainstorming..(this Angel looks as though she has got hairy legs! Haha!!)

This time I tried something different from my previous works. Instead of working solely on watercolor or pen technique, I did a mix media - watercolor and pen (plus a bit of photoshop).
water color for the background
pen on the Angel and other parts of the drawing. Finally, a touch of white (on her body/ wings) and red with photoshop.

she is broken, lost and sad...

What do you think of the finished product? I was hoping to try a full watercolor medium some time later. And perhaps add a few drops of tears on her face? (I hate datelines.. Argh!)

*Pls do not use any of the above image without my permission. Thank you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Have A Winner!

The winner of my giveaway goes to.........

The 5th person who commented in my blog ----> JAC JEWELRY!!!!!!!! Congrats, Janna! I will be contacting you soon. :) I think this is really funny. Last Sunday I was the winner of her giveaway ( I got a $10 gift certificate to her etsy shop) and exactly one week later, she was the winner of mine! Ha!

Everyone who has taken the time to participate, I hope you had fun. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me. Click here to view all the entries. I wasn't surprise to see a number of similar dreams - To be able to travel around the world to experience life, owning a company.. etc. However, I was deeply moved by two people in particular:

Holly (my blog buddy!) from Hollyrocks says:  ''My dream is to be an awesome teacher who touches the lives of countless children and to never lose touch with my creativity, no matter how busy my life may be. I would also love to travel all over the world, experiencing cultures and lifestyles that are as different from my own as possible so that I can fully understand how small I am as compared to the rest of the planet.'' And Joyti from Indie.Tea says: ''My goal would be to start a school for intelligent yet unprivileged children in India. It would near the ocean, and I would live in a small yet dreamy cottage right near it.....''.

Their dreams have reminded me of why I wanted to be an artist.

1) I hope my art will inspire people from all around the world, in one way or another.

2) I want to travel around the world to bring love and hope to the less privileged children; to let them know that no matter which country they're borned in, how bad their lives 'may seem', everyone has the right to dream. In fact, I think everyone (yes, I'm talking to you) should be brave enough to dream and live their dreams.

3) I enjoyed drawing and listening to music at a tender age. My favorite musical instrument is the classical piano. I remembered having a music teacher in my elementary school who could play the song, 'Right here waiting' by Richard Max so beautifully that I'd always imagined I was the one playing. Sadly, the financial situation at home didn't allow me to take up piano lessons (I was fortunate enough that I get to take up art classes still). Seeing how badly I wanted to learn the piano, my mom said, ''You will have the money to learn it when you are old enough to go out to work.'' Now many years later, at the age of 27, I got my very own piano and is on my way to fufilling my dream! A friend actually asked, ''But, why now?'' My answer was, ''Then when?'' You see, the problem with many people (I was a victim too) is that, we have never taken the time to ask ourselves, 'What would I truely love to do with my life?'' I'm not saying what you can do, should do or must do, but what you would LOVE to do. See the difference? Often times, when asked why can't we do what we would love to, 99.99% of the answers would be ''Oh, I don't have the money.'' or ''I don't have the knowledge/ qualification...'' or better still, ''I don't even have time to sleep!'' You may be laughing at these answers now but seriously, think about this, if you are not going to do what you enjoy starting from now, what do you intend to do with the remaining of your life then? If it takes me 10 years (worst scenario) to master my piano skill, I'd still get to enjoy it for another 50-60 years. So, why not?

A few books I'd HIGHLY recommend to help you through your goals are, 'The Breakthrough Experience', 'How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven' and 'Count Your Blessings', all by the great mentor, Dr John Demartini. (He's my hero!) For more info on these books, pls visit his website here.

Other of my dreams include: Living in a swedish/ cottage-style house with my beloved. Having lots of money so I can help more people/ animals...and the list goes on. For now, I hope I've set you thinking.. All the best. :)

''The purpose of life is a life of purpose.'' - Robert Byrne.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forest N Trees

And now.. let me present you the pics of this new shop I'd consigned with.. Tah-dah!!! A BIG thank you to the very nice people at Forest N Trees, for having my works in their shop. (shop location: no. 2 Handy Road, The Cathay Building #03-02, Singapore 229233).

This shop is a love at first sight.. follow by an infatuation with this huge adorable door. I want to carry the whole door home! 


Carrie Chau's works.. (for more pics on her works, pls scroll down to my previous post).

Mine on the lower shelf! :) 

In my next post, I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway. Those who have not taken part, you're left with only two more days. Click HERE for your last chance to walk away with 1) a greeting card of your choice, 2) a byrheea print AND 3) a postcard. Good luck! :)  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tears of JOY

Two pieces of great news to share with you today. First of all, my works are being featured again! I am so honored to have two of my works featured along side other beautiful works on Indie.Tea's pretty blog. Thank you, Joyti! :)

Second piece of good news; Dollgift and Byrheea merchandise is now available in another retail outlet, Forest N Trees. This is no ordinary stop.. it is an exclusive store in Singapore that carry a full range of Carrie Chau, my idol's merchandise! Yes, I will be selling my works side by side with Carrie Chau's! I can't contain my excitement, I want to laugh and cry at the same time! lol (sob sob)..

Now I'm going to show you why I love this Artist so much.

About The Artist:
Hong Kong artist Carrie Chau claims that she can draw with both hands at the same time so that she earns a living at double speed and has more time for sleeping! Carrie believes that she has a past life as an alien on another planet, which is why she has difficulty communicating with human beings in this life. Her works depict the daily life as funny, positive, with an eerie touch of delicacy. Through her drawings and 3D sculptures, she represents swollen and joyful characters, and seems to be inspired of jumping jack, fairy tale where angels, imps, and all the animals from Noah’s Ark. “Sometimes I’m inspired by fairy tales; I like fairy tales such as Blue Beard, The Emperor’s new clothes. But not the Cinderella, snow white or such kind of story, too “sweet” for me.”

The Black Sheep Exhibition 2007 - Times Square, Hong Kong.
(images taken from Pop The World)


If you like what you've seen, stay tuned. I'll be back with more information on where you can purchase her works.

Another 4 more days to the closing date of my GIVEAWAY (3  posts down). Have you taken your chance?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Friends

Seriously, how do you stop yourself from all the temptations on Etsy? I was browsing through the site for some inspiration and the next thing I knew, I was busily adding items to my wish list! Just today, I have added several 'new friends'.

Turtle Coasters from dancingintherains . I wouldn't have the heart to place my mug on their backs though.

Sleepy Panda Field Bag from emandsprout. I think he will make a really great companion on my next field trip.

Chihuahua Mary Janes Shoes also from emandsprouts. Aren't they adorable?!!! I can already picture Nono chasing me around the house with these on my feet. lol.

Bunny Vinyl Decals from HouseHoldWorlds. With innovative ideas like this, we can keep all kinds of pets (even elephants) in our bedroom now. How cool is that! lol
I love works that tells a story... ''Dijon is Mint Juleps cousin. They live on top of a snowy hill. Dijon loves to tease Mint Julep by throwing snowballs at his window in the wee hours of the morning. Dijon is a trouble maker.'' Meet Dijon The Little Arctic Fox from sleepyking!
Cutest baby booties I've ever seen from funkyshapes!

My New Dress - Teddy Bear Gift Box from FayeHubele.
The box itself already makes a special gift. I'm only a little disturbed that we need to 'pluck' her head off to put things inside (kidding!).

Any children (and adults) will love drawing classes from now on. All thanks to kittybblove for inventing these pretty Kitty Egg Molded Crayons!

Love the models and their bright colored coats from anniessweatshop! They must be my Nono's cousins..

If you're busily adding these items to your shopping cart now, pls also take some time to join my giveaway (2 posts down). Just 10 more days to go before it ends, so hurry!

Have a great day~