Friday, May 21, 2010


First thing first...

Nono has made a full recovery! Part of the reason I was worried sick before the surgery was because even though I always call him my 'boy' and he clearly behaves like a puppy, Nono is already 8 years old. Like human, the risk and complications invloved is higher for older animals as well. I'm so glad to see him running around (and tearing down) the house once again. This, I have alot to be thankful for; the brilliant nurses and vet at Joyous Vet, words of prayers and encouragment from all of you. AND very importantly, my mum for taking extra care of Nono over the last two weeks.

After two weeks of mental and emotional distress, Nono is finally free from wearing the cone-collar! I feel he is a little sad to part with it now that he had grown used to having that around his neck. Don't you think he looked cute in it?

My brave boy!

Second piece of update...

Five months from now, I might be travelling in this huge ship to 5 different countries for 53 DAYS!

The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) is an annual culture exchange programme organised by the Japanese Government and member-countries of ASEAN. Participating countries include Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. During the trip, we'll get to interact with 28 representatives from each of these countries to learn about our cultures differences, doing community service, performances... play, eat, sleep and shit together, for 53 days. Plus we'll even get to stay in their homes! This is going to be a life changing experience for me. That is, if I get selected.... Well, I got lucky during the first interview. Let's hope my luck prevails through the second round of interview tomorrow. Pls lend me all your lucky charms for a day!!!

Third piece of update...

You may now find my works in another store! This store is located at an iconic place in Singapore. That's all I'm going to reveal now. Stay tune for more details and pics in my next post. ;) Apart from this, I'm also working on a new postcards series and making plans for my children art classes. Busy busy!

For now, allow me to shift my attention back to work while you enjoy these random pics.

Is that a side view of a giant bird or Angel or something?

Vivo City shopping mall. One of my favorite hangout places. 

Enjoying a cup of tea with my love. 

Twister fries - These are sinfully yummy!!! 

I'm thinking of getting this top... what do you think?

Nice one.

Love this movie. I was laughing madly throughout the show.

This beautiful creature flew into my room just the other day. Not that I can see any wings on his body but it did flew in through the window. I managed to catch it in a bottle to have a clearer look. Don't worry, I'd released it once the photos were taken.

Woot! Guess whose bed this belongs to?

Tah-dahhhhh.............. My neighbour's FAT kitty, except that she looked much slimmer from this angle.

Wait. Did you notice something prominent on the cardboard? Let's take a closer look. Very thoughtful eh? But I have a bad feeling this is going to have a reverse effect... Curious passerbys might just start taking pics... and post them on their blogs.    

Everytime I step out of my house, I see this tree.... that remains me of an ostrich.


I'm an Angel too! XD Have a FUNtastic weekend!~~~

Monday, May 3, 2010

Be Brave, Nono!

When the clock strikes 12, all food and drink will be taken away from him... My poor boy will be starved for over 24hrs. Apparently he will be going for neutering surgery tomorrow afternoon due to recurring infection (and lots of blood lost). :((

Pls say a little prayer for him, Nono (and myself) needs some words of encouragement and faith. Let's hope everything goes well and Nono will have a speedy recovery. Be brave, Nono. We love you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dollgift Cards at Paragon

Dollgift cards are now available in Paragon shopping mall, right at the heart of Orchard road! Exact location: 290 Orchard road #B1-33 Singapore 238859, Tango Mango The Gift Shop.

This store may not be big but they have just EVERYTHING you need for a gift! From a wide range of unique gifts to pick from....

to gift bags...


beautiful wrapping papers....

and to (my) lovely cards! :D

What more do you need except some extra $$$ in case you can't resist the temptation to buy something else for yourself?

For a full list of stores that currently carry my products, take a peek at my sidebar.~

April had been a gratifying month for me. Apart from the tons of well wishes, celebrations and gifts I received, my works were featured in etsy treasury for not once, not twice.. no, not thrice but FIVE wonderful times! This is certainly rare.

(Featured on 03 Apr). Thank you, ZionShore!
Featured on 19 Apr (my birthday!). Thank you, FruteJuce!
(Featured on 20 Apr). Thank you, Blueberryblonde!
Featured on 26 Apr (my dad's birthday!) :p Thank you, Bhangtiez!

(Featured on 27 Apr). Thank you, Javagirls!

(Featured on 28 Apr). Thank you slingzprings! You got to check out Hana's shop because she does amazing sketches of the cities. Plus, she is also from Singapore!
If these surprises are not enough, one of my drawings was also featured on Kristin's blog! So everyone does know it was my birthday month eh? Thank you again! :)