Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Positions

Don't you just hate it if you're the type who always have trouble falling asleep and there you see someone who can sleep and sleep all they like? I tell you, this fellow here can sleep ANYTIME at ANYWHERE, in ALL KINDS of positions! Below are the evidences I've collected over the years.

In the living room

on the sofa

on my bed

on daddy/mommy's bed

in a pile of dirty laundry

in his own bed

on bro's bed

on my desk

see how he bullied me while I worked. (The next time you spot any typo error in my blog, you'd understand why).

outside the bedroom

on warm days, he pushes his little bed into bro's room to 'share' the air-conditioning. I'm not kidding, he really pushes his bed (with his nose) into the room. Dogs do know how to enjoy life.

My darling boy loves to sleep alot but still, he hates to bathe. And I love to watch his expression while he gets his shower. Haha.


Anonymous said...

Aw this was so sweet to read!!!

Holly said...

Oh Rheea, I totally needed this post today. It's not that I'm having a bad day so far, because I won't let myself have a bad Saturday if I can help it. But I definitely needed a pick-me-up, and this did the trick!

Little Nono is such a sweetheart! His positions made me smile so big, especially when he lays with his belly in the air. I just want to pet his little head and tell him what a good boy he is (gosh I love dogs)!

Anonymous said...

A dog after my own heart!! He's soooo cute!!

Holly said...

Hello! My email address is, and I just can't wait to see the photo you've got to show me!

jacjewelry said...

Too cute! I know, I've never met a pet who has trouble sleeping...

Pili said...

Awwww, he's just too cute!!

And yeah, doggies can sleep anywhere and everywhere, and they will also hog the pillow and blanket!

devonrose said...

Nono is so cute! We love it that he sleeps on your arm while your typing! Lol!

We wanted to also say "thanks for being so awesome", your comments always make our day!

Emily & Devon

PS> thanks so much for including us on your "blogs you would'nt miss list":) I just saw that and when I clicked on it, it took me to Google Feedburner, I wonder why?

cutiepie company said...

hahaha, this is classic! what a cutie. my favorite is the one where he is sleeping on the desk! so precious.

devonrose said...

LOL! I was just about to give you my feeburner address, but I see you already got it up there, awesome!!!