Friday, July 13, 2012


At any point of time when life seems to be pulling you down and you're feeling less adequate, blast this song and put it on replay mode! It never fails to make me feel better. Simply loveeee the lyrics~ :D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Love and Light~ ♥

I came acrossed this post on Facebook by Doreen Virtue and felt compelled to share it with everyone. This is so so enlightening!

''If you are pulling away from people who are practicing toxic lifestyle practices, you're not alone! When the purpose of a relationship has been served, the "pull" of the relationship decreases. You may feel less attracted to spending time with the person, and may even avoid them. Please don't judge yourself for this process, as it's as normal as any other cycles in nature. 

Avoid making lists of all the reasons why the relationship isn't working, as this creates inner toxic turmoil. Avoid having internal arguments with the person! You don't need to justify pulling away from another person, or get their blessings or permission to end a relationship. You're not "the bad guy" any more than they are! 

The angels can help the relationship to end with as much kindness as possible. 

Think of them as you would a person driving you to the airport: they helped you to get to where you are right now (including making you a stronger person for having gone through turmoil with them). As your flight takes off and you go higher and higher, you can feel love and gratitude to that person's role in your life . . . even if they're not with you on the current flight. 

Ask Archangel Raguel (the angel of harmonious relationships) for help in healing current relationships and to attract healthy new relationships. 

And remember that your healthful lifestyle and radiant happiness is the ultimate teacher and role model that may inspire others to release old toxic ways, too.  Love, Doreen ♥''

By the way, Doreen Virtue has always been one of my favourite spiritual healers/ authors next to Diana Cooper. Both of them work with the Angels! You can pick a card HERE, to read your Angel's message for you everyday! ;)