Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I need something more than this.........

and this......
and this.............
AND this..............................
I NEED a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm getting really lucky lately.... I actually got this book ABSOLUTELY FREE! WHAHAHA.!! A senior publicist from Penguin Group (USA) contacted me two weeks ago. Not sure how she found me.. probably chanced upon my blog, discovered my insane obsession with ANGELS and decided I was one of the best candidates to receive this book? I ought to feel ashamed of my skepticism as I sent out my mailing address.. Haven't we been taught that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch? BUT. This is two times better than a free meal ok! :D The thick, hardcover novel weighs quite abit.. and I'm not ask to pay a single cent.. not even for the shipping bill (all the way from USA!) My angel from across the globe.. heh heh.

You won't want to know how I ripped open the padded envelope. Holding the book in my hands.. I think I'd forgot to breath. The image on the cover was.... MAGNIFICIENT! I was on cloud nine! Weeeeee~~~

And it opens up to a full Angel image!!!

See the raw, jagged edge (pages)? Nice right!

Erm.. okay, I'm getting a little over excited before I even peek into the book. No, I'm not going to do it. I fear I won't be able to put the book down once I start. Two library books are sitting on my bedside cabinet now... PLUS plenty of course notes to study! No, I can't take this risk.

In the email (THANK YOU SOooo MUCH, Lindsay. You're an Angel!), it was stated that the Angels are the new VAMPIRES in the story! Another vampire saga after TWILIGHT? Angels as vampires? What is the world coming to??? I have a feeling this is going to conjure up another vampire or better, Angels mania. How exciting!

''It’s a thrilling story about a young nun coming to terms with her destiny, set to the backdrop of a covert age-old war between a secret society of scholars and the Nephilim, the evil, monstrously beautiful descendents of angels and humans. This blazing page turner is a highly original story that will transport readers to another world, full of angelic beings and biblical intrigue. Beginning in the tranquil corridors of an abbey in upstate New York, the story travels back in time deep within the mountains of Bulgaria, on to Paris during the Nazi occupation and finally to the epic landmarks of New York City, where the extraordinary climax takes place. The angels in this story are not your garden-variety cherubs, but striking, hypnotic and dangerous creatures. True to their depiction in the Book of Enoch and Paradise Lost, these creatures are immortal and deadly in their radiance. Their capacity for evil gives ANGELOLOGY the same spine-chilling allure that all good vampire novels possess, from Dracula to Twilight. The book has been optioned by Sony for Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment.''

About the author: Danielle Trussoni’s first book, the memoir Falling Through the Earth, was selected as one of the Ten Best Books of 2006 by The New York Times Book Review. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she divides her time between the United States and France.

For more information, pls visit and
According to Lindsay, a recent Gallup poll showed that 76% of Americans believe in angels. Is that true????? Wow. Hello all Angels lovers~~

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Man and the Starfish

A beautiful story as told by the remarkable Wally (Famous) Amos (FAVOURITE cookies of all time!)...

source from here and here.

One day as Wally was walking on the beach, he saw the shadow of a man picking things up from the beach and throwing them into the ocean. As he got closer, he noticed the man was saving the lives of starfish that had been washed ashore by the low tide. The man was throwing the starfish back into the sea one by one. There were hundreds of starfish surrounding Wally and the man, and looking up the coast there were infinite more starfish to save.

Wally asked the man, “What are you doing?” “Saving the starfish,” he responded. “But there are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of starfish that have been washed ashore along the coastline. You can’t really believe that by throwing back a few hundred starfish in the ocean, that you’re really going to make a substantial difference, do you?” The man turned to Wally and said nothing. He then picked up another starfish and hurled it into the sea as far as he could. He then looked Wally right in the eye and said, “Made a difference to that one…”

One person can make a huge difference. Never doubt your ability. :)

Today is the 3rd day of our traditional Chinese New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone celebrating this festival! For those who may not know, the festival begins on the first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th. This means there are 15 days of celebration (sadly only two public holidays).

Stay tuned for more updates and pics in my next post! HUAT AH!!! ('prosper' in Hokkien)~~~ :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Legion (love!)

The ratings may be poor.. storyline may be weak.. Honestly I don't care.. because Paul Bettany is too captivating as Archangel Michael that I'd chosen to overlook any flaws. Plus the fact that this Angel has tattoos and gorgeous black wings ----> melting point.

Bottom line is... show/ tell me anything about Angels - I'm a goner. That explained the only one time I'd ever (and ever will) find Mr balding Nicolas Cage charming was when he became an Angel in, 'City of Angels'. lol.

Melt melt melt................................................... my latest wallpaper (below)! :D

I figure IF I'm the script writer of Legion, I'd make my story more intriguing by adding more Archangels beside Michael and Gabriel.... For instance,

1) Archangel Chamuel - the Angel who brings compassion, love and forgiveness.
In the movie: He becomes the total opposite - he brings hatred among the people.. causing more turmoil to the already chaotic world.

2) Archangel Uriel - the Angel who brings peace and freedom.
In the movie: He could be the destroyer of peace.. casting fears and anxieties on mankind!

3) Archangel Zadkiel - the Angel who purifies and transmutes negative energy.
In the movie: He acted as the fallen Angel who purifies human mind............ with toxic.

4) Archangel Raphael - the Angel who helps us to develop our third eye or inner vision.
In the movie: He helps us see the worst in people.............. How exciting!

Poor Archangel Michael will have a hard time fighting against them! HA.HA.HA (evil laugh). Opps.. I'm turning psychotic. But you do agree my concept is way more interesting than Peter Schink and Scott Stewarts' right? Any movie director looking for a writer?

Latest update: I'm now.................. a PROUD student of University of Metaphysic Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Life is good~~~

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos of Nono and My School Reunion

This fellow was sleeping on my bed and guess what.. he farted! I was busily working at my desk and then... a very unpleasant stench made my nose wrinkle... I turned around, he was soundly asleep. I walked quietly to the window; half expecting to see a rubbish truck or something outside.. returned to my desk when I found nothing exceptional. The horrible pungent smell persisted.. threatening to suffocate me. Suddenly it hit me. I moved closer to Nono....and to my horror.. .he was the culprit!! I didn't mean it was a big deal he farted.. I was just..........amused... So. Animals fart in their sleep..... do humans? Just as I was wondering to myself, he woke up and gave me that, 'Yes? Did something just happened??' face. -___-

Despite his little 'disrespectful' act.. I still love this fellow to the max!

How can I not.....

with these sparkling eyes staring back at me. If 'looks could kill', I'd have died a million times.

I think I really irritate the hell out of him. Everytime he tries to take a nap and I want to take photos of him (that's the only time he won't move about), I make strange noises to keep his eyes open. Lol.

I adore taking photos of Nono.. different angles.. different body parts. Lol. My mom seriously can't stand me... apparently every pics look the same to her. Now I'm sounding like some first-time parents if I haven't already. And well, I LOVE smelling my boy! I'm sure you parents agree how nice (your) baby smells. Of course I don't mean their farts (still trying to get over the fart) but their very 'original' body odor. It's addictive.

Love this pic.. he looks like he's smiling!
Okay.. now the finale pic. LOoooooVE this one!! The sweetest pic of us ever! Finally..... .I got a kiss from my boy.... :)
And here are two of the many photos we took at my class reunion last week. The ladies looking prettier after 16 years..... 

It was really great to reconnect back with old friends... friends whom I haven't met for 16 long years.. friends who shared the same classroom as me; some sitting around me.. some who made fun of me.. those fun and laughters (and scoldings from teachers) we shared. The good old school days... sigh. :) Glad to know everyone is doing well now.

This was just a third of the class. Hopefully we'll be able to locate the rest of them and get everyone together for our next gathering which is coming very soon. WoohoooO~~

Alright. I'm heading to the gym now. It's a beautiful day today.. don't stay at home, go out and get some fresh air if you can~~ Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :D