Thursday, February 11, 2010

Legion (love!)

The ratings may be poor.. storyline may be weak.. Honestly I don't care.. because Paul Bettany is too captivating as Archangel Michael that I'd chosen to overlook any flaws. Plus the fact that this Angel has tattoos and gorgeous black wings ----> melting point.

Bottom line is... show/ tell me anything about Angels - I'm a goner. That explained the only one time I'd ever (and ever will) find Mr balding Nicolas Cage charming was when he became an Angel in, 'City of Angels'. lol.

Melt melt melt................................................... my latest wallpaper (below)! :D

I figure IF I'm the script writer of Legion, I'd make my story more intriguing by adding more Archangels beside Michael and Gabriel.... For instance,

1) Archangel Chamuel - the Angel who brings compassion, love and forgiveness.
In the movie: He becomes the total opposite - he brings hatred among the people.. causing more turmoil to the already chaotic world.

2) Archangel Uriel - the Angel who brings peace and freedom.
In the movie: He could be the destroyer of peace.. casting fears and anxieties on mankind!

3) Archangel Zadkiel - the Angel who purifies and transmutes negative energy.
In the movie: He acted as the fallen Angel who purifies human mind............ with toxic.

4) Archangel Raphael - the Angel who helps us to develop our third eye or inner vision.
In the movie: He helps us see the worst in people.............. How exciting!

Poor Archangel Michael will have a hard time fighting against them! HA.HA.HA (evil laugh). Opps.. I'm turning psychotic. But you do agree my concept is way more interesting than Peter Schink and Scott Stewarts' right? Any movie director looking for a writer?

Latest update: I'm now.................. a PROUD student of University of Metaphysic Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Life is good~~~


Pili said...

I still need to see this movie, and last time I checked it still hasn't been released over here in Spain... But seriously, Paul Bettany as a fighting archangel? What's NOT to like!

I BLEED PINK said...

That movie had me scared to death...LOL!!

Congrats on getting into school!!

devonrose said...

Cool! Congrats on deciding to do the on-line Metaphysic class:) You know...I'm dyin' to get a good tarot card's been too long. The best one I ever got was the night before 9/11 (I was actualli in NY for fashion week so I witnessed the whole thing) anyways the reading was so acurate it scared me. He fortold about my divorce, my best friend w/ HIV, and Devon!

babalisme said...

>< I'm closing my eyes...not reading this not reading!! I haven't seen it yet!!

Holly said...

Hmmm this looks really interesting! I'm like you- if it's about angles, I'm automatically fascinated by it even if the movie isn't that great. I think the people who made this movie should have hired you to do some of the writing!

I'm so excited that you signed up for these new classes! Will you share some of your diving wisdom with us?