Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dollgift Limited Edition Baby Tees

Dollgift Babies In Tees (BITs) collection is now available in stores!

Known for it's luxurious softness, breathable and cooling qualities, the bamboo fabric is grown naturally without pesticides. It is 100% biodegradable and more absorbent than cotton, keeping your little ones comfortable all day long!

3 Designs available:
''Grandma's Gramophone'', Tank Top.
''Oversize'', V-neck Tee.
''Just Another Lovely Day'', V-neck Tee.
 Price: SGD$39 (about US$32). Silkscreen printed. Only 1 color available.

*Made in Singapore. (Each design only comes in less than 20 pieces per size).



Every tee will come in this lovely HANDMADE packaging. Yes, the designer of BITs handmade each and every piece of these paperbags. I know, she's insane. And she's my friend. Lol. 

For more information on the product or to purchase online, please visit: or drop me a message! :)

You may also find them at these retail stores (Singapore):

If you have not heard of Babies In Tees (BITs), you're clearly missing out. This store carries the coolest t-shirts for babies. Not only are their designs cool, BITs emphasized on using eco-friendly material and manufacturing process. Plus, they're made in Singapore! 

Check out some of these adorable designs:

Another of my favourites.. with Angel wings!!

Visit their store for more designs today! Have a beautiful day~ :)


Alicia Sim said...

Thanks alot Rheea!! For the extended introduction of Babies in Tees ^.^ Love it!!

Alicia Sim

Pili said...

Those look amazing! Might just have to get one for one of the bf's nieces!

Holly said...

These are absolutely precious! You are making me wish I had some babies so I could dress them up in your lovely designs. Also, the little girl in the last photo wearing the angel wing shirt is so cute I almost melted. Thanks for introducing me to this company!

babalisme said...

Rhee.... I found your new site and I though you gave up blogging! so happy to find you still doing this!! btw, great site!! belated COngrats!