Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Pics (II)

Phew! Glad the stress is over, at least for a while. For the past one week or more, I had been so tied up with my consignment preparation. Dollgift has finally made it to a local store at Raffles City. Yay! :D Stay tuned, as I will update you with more information when the pics are ready.

On a different note, I will be away on a short vacation to Shanghai, China next Tue (24 Mar) and back on Friday (27 Mar). Don't miss me too much. I promise to come back with plenty of nice pics to share with you. :)

For now, here are a few I've taken over the week. Enjoy.

Tiny little moon...

Can you spot the little rainbow?

Fixture technician at work (man in red).

One of the tourist attractions in Singapore, Little India.

I will die if they stop selling Bubble tea one day.

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Caroline D. said...

beautiful pictures! Have a great trip!