Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Good Not To Share (II)

And the topic continues from my earlier post, Too Good Not To Share (I)....

Much as I hate to admit, I have been procrastinating to write this post for the longest time. It kills me just to decide which artists to choose out of the list of talents from my Etsy favorites and which of their works to feature.

I have an obsession for dark/mysterious/surreal art since my teenage years. Something I couldn't quite comprehend. From what I know, people who love this kind of art usually have a very 'different' fashion sense. More Sarah Brightman perhaps? (Oh by the way, I LOVE her music). I don't know but that kind of dressing is just not me. Or rather, I am plain lazy to even bother about what to wear. Okay, that's beside the point.

After much agony, following are the pieces I've selected. The first artist is artandghosts. This name itself has already tell us what to expect. And in slightly more than two years, Louise has made over 2300 sales in Etsy! One word, envy.

All in a Row

The Sympathy of Wolves

Blue safari

TheNebulousKingdom has a very dreamy style. Looking at her art makes me feel like I'm reading a fairytale.

The End Draws Near

L'envol des Libellules

The Siamese Sisters

I like the very soft and gentle mood of Kendrabinney's drawings. Those big sad eyes tell the stories.

Someone To Hold Onto

Disregarded Ghosts

Forgotten Things

myfolklover has made it to Etsy front page several times and it's not hard to understand why. I like her elegant and sophisticated style.

House By The Sea


Waiting By The Sea

I like the way how Zeng portray animals beautifully in human forms. Strangely fascinating.

A Rabbit Girl and A Cat With Mask

Rabbit Girls

A Rabbit Girl With Her Favorite Rabbit

If you like what I've shared with you here, you would probably like these few other artists. Ray Caesar, Tamaxxx and Audrey Kawasaki. They have been my greatest inspirations since the birth of Byrheea. :)


Silver Sunbeam said...

OMG OMG OMG! Those bunnies are the best... it's all so weird and good.

Christina (peasantsoup) said...

Thanks for posting this. I am glad to have found TheNebulousKingdom! Very nice.

fly tie said...

these are all quite amazing. i like this sort of mood as well.

"blue safari" = superb.

devonrose said...

Zeng is my favorite! Love the bunnies! Also, wanted to let you know that we got our postcards yesterday:)Beautiful! And you are so sweet to have included those cute clippies for Devon! Thanks so much :)

Caroline D. said...

Wow, what great choices. Thanks for sharing!