Saturday, July 11, 2009

Angels Art (I)

Angels are usually view as messengers. Guardian Angels are assigned to each one of us since we were born, to protect and guide us. Unbeknownst to many people, Angels are everywhere, all around us, watching over us.

Here are some beautiful Digital Artworks of Angels I found on the web to share with you.

Titled: ''Angel'' by Lian-blackdream
Green is never my color but this particular piece changed my mind. If you like Fantasy Art or Portrait paintings, you got to check out this site. ''White Skirt'' is also one of my favorites.

Titled: ''Gabriel--resting'' by Real4fantasy.
This is beautiful beyond words.. the color and the lighting is amazing. I feel like diving into the sea right now!

Titled: ''Angel of Ice'' by Irulana.
One of the sexiest Angels I've ever seen. Love the little details of her clothing and hair accessories.

Titled: ''Chorus'' and ''Citrine Chysanthemum'' by Nene Thomas. Again, if Fanstasy Art is your cup of tea (or coffee), this is another site you wouldn't want to miss. Be sure to catch some lovely Fairies on the site too!

Titled: ''Fantasy'' by Takaki
These are so dreamy... How can you not fall in love with Angels after looking at these magnificent art pieces.

Titled: ''Guardian Angel'' by Vvola.
Darkly beautiful.. I love her gothic style. ''Black Widow'' is another of my favorites.

Titled: ''There's an Angel on The Way'' by Creedd.
How cool is this, an Angel with a cigarette in his hand! Ladies, are you going to faint if a gorgeous Angel like this appears right in front of you? I'll sure need an oxygen mask.

I'll be sharing with you Angels in Fine Arts in my Angels Art (II) so, stay tuned! Have an Angelic weekend~ :)


Hollyrocks said...

What a beautiful and uplifting post! Angels always bring a smile to my face, but these made my mood especially bright because they are all so gorgeous. I think the ones by Takaki are my favorites because of the bright, vivid colors. Thank you so much for sharing these, I'm going to check out the websites now. Have a beautiful weekend, my dear!!

jacjewelry said...

Stunning images!

shells said...

Gorgeous post! I love anything to do with angels or faeries etc. These pictures are awesome :)

Kaleida Eclectics said...

Amazing artwork! My favourite angel is John Travolta's character in the 'Micheal' movie!!

babalisme said...

I love all of them!! But the underwater one seems a little do her wings still shaped like that underwater??

My favorite is the one by Credd... Yes, I even need more than an oxygen mask!

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you for letting us view them!

Anonymous said...

these picssssssss.....wonderful n speachless.....!!!!!

chitra said...

hey d girl who has big dreams,,, piktures publishes in dis blog is extremely beautiful nd peaceful to eyes, thanks to such imagination...for sharing...

Michelle Freeman said...

These are really beautiful, I love angels and I know they're all around us and your art emphasises that.