Friday, July 24, 2009


A Big “THANK YOU” to everyone who participated in the poll! I was hoping to make my life easier by getting some opinions but in the end, most people suggested different names! Take a look at some of the names mentioned in my Etsy forum and tell me what to do.. I'm spoiled for choice! Haha. A few lovely Etsians even offered their daughters' names. I'm honoured. :)

There were two new names that caught my attention though; 'Nina & Nono' and 'Esme & Nono'. I think 'Nina & Nono' sounds better when put together but 'Esme' actually has a more suitable meaning. Nina = Mother. Esme = Esteemed; loved. Help!!

Thank you once again. I hope you guys had some fun or at least you'd have more ideas what name(s) to give your daughter(s) in future. ;)

On a different note, I found this funny video on Youtube last night. There was this DJ from a local radio station who prank called people in the service industry (randomly) to test their service quality. I'm not trying to be mean or disgrace Singapore by posting this but really, it's too funny not to share! lol. Have a fabulous weekend~

PS: Not ALL Singaporean talked like this 'Aunty'. I do admire her courage and good service though.


Hollyrocks said...

I really like the way "Nina and Nono" sounds, I think that's my new favorite.

That video had me cracking up! She sounds like such a sweetheart, and she really was trying very hard to help him. There's a Vietnamese restaurant right down the street from where I live, and they have the most amazing food so we go there a lot. The lady who works there has the most adorable accent, I love speaking with her. It sounds very different from that though.

devonrose said...

you know, even though I picked Esme and Nono, I have to admit I agree....I like Nina and Nono's just so cute!