Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bracelet And Nono

Hello everyone! Sorry for the bit of neglect lately. I have so many things to write that I'm not sure where to begin now (serves me right for not blogging for 10 days). I was having a busy month with the up-coming of my greeting card series and some other stuffs. BUT, that would also mean I'm going to have new products to feature very soon. Not only that, there will be a GIVEAWAY too! I'm not going to reveal too much now but I promise you won't be disappointed with the 'prize'. Hee. Stay tuned if you don't want to miss this chance.

On Friday, I received my Etsy purchase! It was a lovely bracelet with the word 'courage' engraved. Many times in our lives, I believe we need some courage in order to overcome any fear or obstacles we face. This will act as a reminder for me. I love the elegant design of this piece, together with the great workmanship. What's more, this bracelet costs me only $11 including shipping! Check out sandrandan's shop for more beautiful and affordable jewelry.

Other favorites from her shop. ''Find a Friend Intention'' bottle at only $15, free shipping.

Isn't this lovely? I have half the mind not to share this. Haha. It's a ''Skeleton Key Gothic Wings Necklace'' at only $24, free shipping.

I noticed there is a new follower to my blog today. Yay! Thanks for the add, Alison (from shootingstar27). If you guys haven't seen me much on Twitter, pls understand that I still do not have much idea how to go about using the features in Twitter. Instead, I found another way to connect with my fans through, Facebook! I've created a Dollgift Fan Club page two days ago. Now there are a total of 39 fans. Thank you for all the love and support. I will be updating the site regularly and there will also be a discussion board where we can discuss about anything! So pls visit here to find out more. Those of you who already have a facebook account, feel free to add me. :)

If you're more concern on news about Nono which I believe he'd gained a little more attention lately (okay, I'm a LITTLE jealous); he wasn't in a happy mood recently due to some infection near his ears area. The itch was so bad, he couldn't stop scratching thus causing some broken skin. But don't worry, we've brought him to the vet and got him some medication. I'm sure he'll be good again in no time.

On a lighter note, all the discomfort did not stop him from enjoying his favourite snack.

The biscuits look and smell so nice. I was tempted to try one myself (Shhhsss... don't let Nono hear this or he will never trust me with his food anymore).


''Yummy, yummy!''

''Can I have more plssss...?''

''More, more, more!''

Enjoy your weekend! Weeeee~


Hollyrocks said...

Hi Rheea! You don't have to apologize for taking some time away from the blog, sometimes life gets in the way of things like that. I will admit though, I missed you. I kept coming here to see if you had posted anything, hehe. See how loyal your readers are?

Sandramom has some awesome things in her shop! I really love the friendship necklace, because I'm really trying to branch out and make more friends lately.

I'm glad you got little Nono's ear all fixed up. And those dog biscuits DO look rather tasty. I once dared a friend of mine to taste a peanut butter flavored dog biscuit, and he did it! He ate the whole thing (even though I only dared him to take one bite) and he said it was delicious. I decided not to try it myself though, I just couldn't do it.

Also, I made a necklace that was inspired by you. When you asked me to put the key necklace that you bought on a longer chain, I really liked the way it turned out. I had never really made many long necklaces before because I always wear mine short, but you inspired me to try some different styles. Which I appreciate, because it's good to try new things. So thank you!

KimberlyRose said...

love that necklace!! and Nono is adorable :) hope he gets better soon!

Adele Di Fior said...

Lol!!! I love nono!! XD

babalisme said...

Nono is sooo cute!! I love the biscuit eating photos you shared, especially the really "tall" Nono on the cupboard.

Rose said...

Your doggy is too cute! :)