Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Friends

Seriously, how do you stop yourself from all the temptations on Etsy? I was browsing through the site for some inspiration and the next thing I knew, I was busily adding items to my wish list! Just today, I have added several 'new friends'.

Turtle Coasters from dancingintherains . I wouldn't have the heart to place my mug on their backs though.

Sleepy Panda Field Bag from emandsprout. I think he will make a really great companion on my next field trip.

Chihuahua Mary Janes Shoes also from emandsprouts. Aren't they adorable?!!! I can already picture Nono chasing me around the house with these on my feet. lol.

Bunny Vinyl Decals from HouseHoldWorlds. With innovative ideas like this, we can keep all kinds of pets (even elephants) in our bedroom now. How cool is that! lol
I love works that tells a story... ''Dijon is Mint Juleps cousin. They live on top of a snowy hill. Dijon loves to tease Mint Julep by throwing snowballs at his window in the wee hours of the morning. Dijon is a trouble maker.'' Meet Dijon The Little Arctic Fox from sleepyking!
Cutest baby booties I've ever seen from funkyshapes!

My New Dress - Teddy Bear Gift Box from FayeHubele.
The box itself already makes a special gift. I'm only a little disturbed that we need to 'pluck' her head off to put things inside (kidding!).

Any children (and adults) will love drawing classes from now on. All thanks to kittybblove for inventing these pretty Kitty Egg Molded Crayons!

Love the models and their bright colored coats from anniessweatshop! They must be my Nono's cousins..

If you're busily adding these items to your shopping cart now, pls also take some time to join my giveaway (2 posts down). Just 10 more days to go before it ends, so hurry!

Have a great day~


Pili said...

Awww, those doggies in their coats are sooo cute!!

And I also have the same Chihuahua shoes from emandsprout in my wish list!! And the sleepy panda! She has sooo many really cute shoes!

koralee said...

Oh I know I adore etsy and spend way too much time finding so many lovely things to add to my wish list. These items are adorable..I love the sweet little slippers..and the doggy jackets...way to cute for words. Thanks for sharing!

devonrose said...

AWwwww! Nono needs a coat! and I need to get some of those kitty crayons for Devon:) Cute stuff!

Kitty Baby Love said...

Oh cute stuff ^_^ Thanks so much for including us! Cute panda bag too.

cabin + cub said...

Ok... there is a lot of cute here, and I can't help but to ooh and ahh the more I scroll down the post! I think my fave is that little snow fox though.. I had to go and heart him rigth away!

Indie.Tea said...

Those are all so sweet and adorable!

Torie Jayne said...

So many gorgeous Etsy finds, I love the rabbit wall art! Have a sweet day! x

Hollyrocks said...

Yet another reason I think you and I would make great friends if we knew each other in person- you've got GREAT taste! I can't even pick a favorite, because I truly love every single item you chose. The doggy coats are SO cute, and the models aren't bad either. :-) See, this is why you're awesome.

REread said...

what cute stuff ... digging the shoes !!!

babalisme said...

Oh my!! Those two are seriously Nono's cousins?! Haahahahaha you must be very confident buying the coats, since the models look like Nono. Aaah how I wish I looked into fashion magazine and the models look like me, or my cousin..

great buys, btw!