Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christmas Carol

Check out another adorable piece added to my Christmas series! Good news is, I have decided to proceed with my postcards idea so you can purchase them as postcards soon, hopefully by the end of October (keeping my fingers crossed). If you would like to get this as a print instead, pls visit my Etsy store HERE.

Christmas has always been my favourite festival. Even more so than our traditional Chinese New Year (I am not ashame to admit it). I came from a Buddhist family, we don't celebrate Christmas and there is no winter here in Singapore so I don't understand why this day is so special to me. Perhaps it is the warm feeling you get everywhere you go when this day is approaching? Plus, the shopping and exchanging of Christmas gifts is so much fun!

I remember one of the most memorable Christmas happened during my high school days. I was from the Girls' Brigade. On one Christmas, we dressed up all in white.. with a little tea light candle in our hands, we went from house to house, singing the carol. I will never forget the love, warm and peace I felt that day.

If I could have a white christmas (I mean REAL snow!) this lifetime, I would gladly trade ANY holiday I can have with it. By the way, I already know how my snowman is going to look like.

Before I end this, I have a very cute video to share with you. It has got nothing to do with Christmas but it sure cracked me up. Everyone was having so much fun. Enjoy to this one and tell me if you had or would do this (or something crazier) for your wedding? ;) Have a fun weekend~


JoMo said...

Really really adorable Christmas art. I love it!

Pili said...

I love that new art! I'm really glad to hear you're gonna be offering them as postcards!!

Holly said...

I love Christmas too. I come from a family that goes ALL OUT for Christmas. Lots of presents, decorations, carols, and all that jazz. Your new print is so beautiful! Was it inspired by the time you went caroling with your friends?

That video was too cute! When I get married, it's definitely going to be something out of the norm.

cabin + cub said...

cute christmas card... i can't believe christmas is coming up sooooo soon!!!

devonrose said...

aww! I love that card! I think my favorite is the happy snowman family, TOO CUTE!!!

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...