Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Etsy Feature Time!

Hello~ I'm back with my Etsy feature once again! Are you anticipating? :) This week's theme promises to be fun, playful, amusing, weird, unpredictable.. anything that can be categorised as 'whimsical' are in. Sounds fun already? Here we go!

''Original Art Found Object Mobile'' from MalcolmStudioShop. Use this to keep your love notes, coins, tea bags or simply as a home decor - made from vintage tin, jewlery and copper wire. How about making your very own recycled tin? I'm inspired!

'Original Art Assemblage HOLD YOUR HORSES'. This is so pretty too.

'Upcycled Ella the Elephant Chalkboard' from Oldcrowfarm. An elephant made out of an old cutting board. How cute! :)

'Upcycled Insulator Distressed Blue Rack'. Another recycle piece by them. Love the raw 'feel' and color of this one.

'Making Out / Reading the Bible - DO NOT DISTURB door hanger' from ilikeapplejuice.
How about hanging this outside your bedroom? At least you won't be disturbed at the wrong time! LOL.

'Paper Circus with Dancing Squirrels' from UnderTheStairStudios. Isn't these lovely? And they're handmade! Be sure to check out a whole lot more adorable papercrafts in the store.

Next, this store made it to the top in my list of favorite jewelry stores. It has to be yours now, too.
'COME UP -Slider Ring-sterling silver' from mujoyas.

The little plates can be slided. Cool huh?

'It's raining- Slider Ring'. Love this too..

'Drawer Ring' also from the same store. And the drawer can be opened! Haven't I warned you about falling in love with this store?

'Robot and Toaster are Friends' polymer clay from sleepyrobot13. How can anyone resist this cuteeeee robot?

Even his tire expression looks so adorable. Has your heart already melted?

Plus, he has an interesting companion.. Meet Beary! The description says, 'This is an example of what happens when you put a toxic waste dump next to a toy store... Beary never noticed he was any different than the other fluffy friends on the shelves of the toy store,but always wondered why people ran when he asked for a hug.' Oh no, poor Beary. I love you without a doubt.

'Felted Chocolate Dog Hat' from fiberpuppy. Imagine my Nono wearing this. Hee hee. If you prefer cats, here's a kitty design for you.

'The Intrusion' necklace from UntamedMenagerie. Another of my favorite jewelry store.

'Nocturnal Studs'.

Lastly, 'Vampires Versus Mummies Checker Game' from PsAndQs. The most bizarre checkers game sets I've ever seen. I'm sure this will make a perfect gift for any checkers game lover.
'Robots Versus Aliens Checkers Game'.

I hope you found something you like? Before I go, HERE are the details of my newly consigned stores I'd promised to let you know. I'll be back with the photos real soon so stay tuned! :)


Fiberpuppy said...

What fun!!! I love the checker board. And by the way your dog (weiner not hat) is tooo cute. Thanks for featuring my hat.

mU said...

woow! I love all of your choices! Very original and pretty shops.
I feel so honored to be here! Thanks Rheea!! :D

jacjewelry said...

Too cute! Great finds, off to check out the rings!

Pili said...

Great picks, Rheea!!

My favourites are the chess sets!!

devonrose said...

We love your Etsy feature posts! Devon's favorite is Underthestairstudios (she has a thing for cut-outs lately) thanks so much for sharing:)

courtney said...

ok, so i started out reading this post and was going to comment on the rack, then the rings, and then it just kept GOING and GOING and i LOVE IT ALL.


Rose said...

My gosh, so many gorgeus things!
The rings are just adorable.
And i love the birdie tin, we use to have one of those birds. and the handmade papercrafts are so special. THanks for sharing :)


cabin + cub said...

All such sweet finds.... I think my fave is the elephant chalkboard...soooooo cute! I have a fondness of elephant-y things.