Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Saturday - Bicycling, Twilight and Feature!

Yesterday was a traditional festival of all our fellow Muslim friends, Hari Raya Haji. And so, it was a public holiday for us! I had a great time bicycling with my friends at the East Coast Park. It was drizzling when we got there but stopped eventually. I was hoping a rainbow might appear after the light shower.. well, it didn't. The weather was pretty cloudy for the rest of the evening so no beautiful sunset too. Well, at least it was windy.

In the late evening we went for a movie. This was no ordinary movie. It was a movie I had been anticipating for the longest time -- NEW MOON!! Yay! I had to admit, it was a mixed feeling after the movie. I love the story and the characters - Taylor Lautner was so sexy in this one.. in fact a whole lot more than Robert Pattinson. Seriously I never thought Robert is good looking in the first place. I think his head is literally too big for his body (sorry Robert's fans, I'm speaking the truth). Okay, back to the movie. Perhaps my expectation for this film was too high. The plot wasn't as interesting as it's novel (I've read all four books. Hee!). At some point I thought the story was not clearly elucidated and people who have not read the novel would have trouble understanding what was going on. Plus, the werewolves were another huge disappointment. Warning to those of you who are planning to watch New Moon, you have to catch Twilight FIRST before you go for New Moon.

On a different note, my 'Lullaby silk-screened pillow' is featured in the Etsy treasury today. Thank you, Gwen from dancingintherains! :)

If you think these are not enough to make me happy, my blog pal, Pili certainly perfected my weekend by featuring my Christmas postcards in her blog! Pili is not only the very FIRST customer who purchased my Christmas cards, she is also a sweeeeet friend. I was flattered by the compliments she had for my cards. Click HERE for the feature. Thank you, Pili! May all of you have a weekend as beautiful as mine~


courtney said...

no rainbow, but your pics still look so pretty!

(and i haven't read any of the twilight books nor have i seen the movies, but i do agree that i don't really get the hype over Robert Pattinson. big head, weird hair.)

Lrc said...

I have to admit that I am not going to see either vampire movies...but congrats on your pillow getting into that beautiful treasury and FP. Several of my friends on etsy have been customers too and I really appreciate them! Lovely pictures too!

Pili said...

We both saw New Moon today! =D

I'm glad you liked the lil feature, cause I LOVE the cards!!

I also wanted to let you know I've given your blog an award!

designs-made-easy said...

beautiful photos... would love to visit!

Holly said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with New Moon. I still have yet to see it, but the book is always better so I'm prepared to see a few things I disapprove of. The bike ride sounds absolutely delightful! I love riding bikes, because it makes me feel like a little girl again. Congrats on the features!

Also, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. It totally warmed my heart. Since you can't give me an actual hug, how about an e-hug? You ready? Here it goes....


Rose said...

Such pretty photos! I cant wait for warm night walks down the beach this summer.
I saw new moon the other night also, and like you there was mixed feelings about it. I loved the book, but the movie wasnt as good as the book. Certainly agree that you would have to watch the first one to understand what was going on. But im still going to go and see it a second time :)


Lori said...

What great pictures and congrats on the treasury!

My daughter has seen New Moon, but I haven't gotten to yet. I've read all of the books. I think my daughter was so enamored with Jacob that she didn't see anything else!

dblchin said...

hey sweetheart, once again you are doing really really great!!! keep up those awesome art pieces!