Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Etsy Feature - Something For Your Little Ones

Its been quite a while since I last did my etsy feature. Let's just do it today! A quick check on my etsy favorites confirm that I indeed has quite a bit of cute kiddy stuffs to share. Without further ado, here's my 'Something For Your Little Ones' feature~

Flying dino in the bedroom! Get your beloved boy one of these adorable felt mobile from, PinkPerch. He'll love you more for sure.
and this for your princess?
I need this for my insomnia problem. Can they add like a hundred more sheep? :(

Candy-coated vinyl wall decals from singlestonestudios. I don't mean they're literally coated with sugar, no one loves ants crawling all over their wall but they're just so sweet!

Teething toy (available in all kinds of shapes) and rocking horse (I want one!) from littlesaplingtoys.

Oh oh oh. A pile of flowers on your baby's head. HOW CUTE!! Capture these angelic moments of your newborns with these insanely adorable props from CuteByDesign. A lovely concept store run by the very warm family (check out their store profile for more). You wouldn't want to miss Jerry's blog where he, the grandpa, shares interesting ideas and tips on how these props are made. I was pretty inspired by his passion and positive outlook on life.

Have you ever came across something sooOoo irresistibly cute that you could almost die? Okay, a little exaggerating perhaps. But see what I meant (below)? Best part is, you can ask DebisCreations18 to make these in GIANT baby sizes........ for yourself. (Erm. My birthday is COMING). :p

More cuteness from theAnecdotes. Love the teddy button detail and big contrast-colored buttons!

'Wanna see me dance?' she says. Tell me you can resist a little one in any of these costumes, I'll buy you a lollipop. Alternatively you may allow her to suffocate you with hugs and kisses by getting her one from lilyjillbowtique.

Don't you agree everything look super adorable in mini version? No doubt they will look as cute on my feet. Visit JoliBebe (even their name is so cute) for more!
Too cute for words.......... These (and a whole lot more) from cazhoffy.
Saving the most special one for last, DevonRose. Emily is not only the nicest (and coolest) mom, she sews pretty clothes for little girls and big girls. Her women line, thepayne, is close at the moment. Pls visit her blog for further updates. To top it off, Emily has the loveliest daughter/model!
Love little girls in sundresses like this one. They make them look so sweet and huggable!
This favorite piece is sold! Emily might be able to make you something similar if you ask her. :)

Devon is a doll! Since I can never get enough of seeing her and her infectious smile, I always return to their blog for more. Here are some undeniably delightful photos I 'stole' from there. :p 

Isn't she a darling?
I had so much fun putting these together. If you like what I'd shared and missed some of my past features, you may find them HERE.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and names for my black roses painting. I'm naming it, 'Awaken Love'! :) Prints are available on etsy HERE. Have a sugary week.~


Pili said...


I'm absolutely in love with the mobiles, I have a friend that is pregnant and I'm waiting for her to know if it's a boy or a girl before shopping for her!!

AllisonEsplinPhotography said...

Rheea-My Dad told me that you featured some of his work on your blog.... Fabulous! Thank you and I love what you do as wel you are so talented. If you get a chance please check out my blog allismithphotography.blogspot.com Have a great day!

koralee said...

Adorable!!! This post made me smile from ear to ear today. I am in love with those sweet little girls. Thank you my friend and happy day. xoxo

devonrose said...

Awww! Rheea, I LOVE it! You are the best! Thank you so much:) I love that you included the Anecdotes too (she makes the BEST sweaters!)and the baby flower cap is so precious too:) You just made my day!!!

theAnecdotes said...

Thank you for featuring my little Ranger hat and Avery sweater! I appreciate it! The adorable little bear button was made by www.Crowandiris.Etsy.com. Thanks!
all my best, jacquelyn

Shelley said...

OMG SO CUTE!!! I love baby things so much! I love the little beanies and photos of the sleeping babies. Great post Rheea!

Lesley said...

Rheea, thanks so much for featuring my mobiles! I'd be more than happy to make you a sheep mobile with 100 more! I'll throw in some fences too, hehe. ;)

heather said...

we love devon and emily also! great to see them featured on here!!!

Holly said...

All of these things are SO adorable! I love the mobiles, and the little baby hats are super cute too. Devon is such a sweetie. Photos like that always make me smile. :-)

When is your birthday? Have you told the birthday fairy what you want yet?

dblchin said...

awww... those stuff are sooooo cute...I love them all!

Kimber said...

Thank you for taking the time to find and feature our toys and all the beautiful items here! All the best to you.

babalisme said...

For the moment I forgot that you are not a mother (yet!)...Loving your round up, very very inspiring to me :)

Should take more (un-blurry) pics of baby G...