Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rose Garden And...... A Little Smile

I'm not surprise at all to find molds growing on my color palette when I took it out from the cabinet. lol.

Finally I have something new to show. 'Rose Garden', I've named it.

I love roses.... only blue ones... or purplish flowers like the lavender and forget-me-not. I wish there are black roses. Someday I'm going to try to grow black roses. :)

Prints are not available for sale yet. Pls stay tuned for more info.

This evening I ran into two friends at different time. Had a little chat with both of them. It was pleasant. :)

When I got home and opened my email, I was greeted by a lovely message from this wonderful customer who bought six postcards from me weeks ago. The message goes like this,

''I just wanted to let you know that I received the postcards yesterday in the mail and they are beautiful! Thank you! I'm going to frame these and put them on my wall! What a wonderful fusion of art and music. LOVE IT!!!''

Funny how at times when you wasn't feeling your best, things like this happen; you ran into friends or friendly strangers on the street... you receive a sweet little gift when it wasn't even your birthday.... your favorite song came on the radio.... someone complimented you... and........ you smile that smile of yours. Suddenly your day doesn't seem so bad afterall.

Did someone or something make you smile today? Pass on that smile. :)


koralee said...

Your Rose garden is lovely...I adore the colour. Yes..it does not take much to change a day around...a sweet comment is all that is needed. xoxoxo

~Raven~ said...

Oh wow...that picture is so beautiful! Your artwork is amazing!I adore roses. I've actually been trying to draw them for over a year now. They still don't look how I would like them to, but they are getting better! ;)

I BLEED PINK said...

This is so pretty, I can see it hanging in my office now!! Please let me know when things go on sale, I need to order one of your lovelies. Do you do custom orders?

PS - I can't wait to get my red envelopes..LOL!!

Pili said...

That truly is gorgeous!! I love it!
I think I will indeed be buying it when it's up for sale!
And I'm really glad to hear that a bad day was improved and that you found so many things to smile about!!

cabin + cub said...

love the purple roses and how they flow from her dress! i have never seen black roses.. but have seen very dark purple tulips that almost look black... they are pretty!

devonrose said...

She's so pretty! I'm a big fan of Rose's:)

BTW, you totally busted me on the Easter bunny, lol! you know I couldn't resist;P

Holly said...

I love it when that happens. And to answer your question, YOU just made me smile! :-)