Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Pics

In recent years, I've developed a new 'hobby' - taking snapshot of things that interest me. Not with any fantastic camera, just me and my Nokia camera phone. Here are some of the pics I thought are worth sharing.

One of my favourite hangout place, East Coast Park.

Another favourite place, the Vivo City.

I just love the sky.

I think this looks like a map.

Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the Singapore Flyer.

Views from the Flyer.

Grass Cutters at work.

Interesting sight in my neighbourhood.

My mum is so proud of her little 'vineyard'!

And lastly, a pic of myself! Hahaha. Have a great weekend! :D


halloweenie, smile! said...

Haha, loving your photo of yourself! Lovely pictures you take, doesn't matter if it's a camera phone - it just makes it easier to carry around, unlike my dslr! :)

marciejanedesigns said...

Morning Rheea,
Loved the photos, I get a better feel of where you are from now. I love the pics of the bridge and of course YOU!

Adele Di FIor said...

The grapes are still so happy! =D

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Wow. Your you and your phone camera take really nice pictures!

Hollyrocks said...

Everything is SO beautiful where you live! It really makes me want to visit the ocean, but lots of things invoke that urge in me because ocean trips are a rarity for land-locked people like myself.

Your mom's grapes look delicious, and you made me giggle with your gigantic Hello Kitty head. So cute!

fly tie said...

i always love nature shots. and the ferris whell pictures are pretty neat. your mom has a vinyard?? i'd be so proud, too. last week as i was in the store buying grapes, i was thinking how nice it'd be to have some growing at home.

your and your camera phone did well.

Light and Writing said...

Wow! with your phone? Nice job! Yeah it does look like a map, cool! And you look exactly how I pictured you! : )

jacjewelry said...

These are beautiful! I love, love ferris wheels, and whenever we go anywhere and I see one, we HAVE to ride it. I made my friends ride one in Chicago early January - everyone thought we were crazy! It was freezing! I once took pictures of the sky and a few birds - set my camera to sepia tone, and they came out fab.

Fat Cat Crafts said...

Those pictures were taken with a camera phone!?! Wow, my phone takes crappy pictures. Your's are so crisp. Beautiful pictures. I love the ferris wheel shots and the picture of you is great!