Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dreams. They Do Come True

The book I've been caught up in after the completion of my Twilight saga, is what I'm about to recommend. All thanks to my best friend who graciously loaned me this book even before she read it herself. 'Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover: 101 true stories of soulmates brought together by Divine Intervention' is a must-have for every romance book lovers.

For the benefit of those who are eager to browse through the book, I'd pick one of my favorite stories (summarised) to share with you.

A Dream Of Love (by Phyllis W. Curott)

There is nothing more divinely magical than a dream of love that comes true. Several years ago, I decided I was ready to have real love in my life.

I asked for the love that was right for me, that would make me happy and fulfilled. You learn quickly to be careful what you ask for, because you may well get it, and you also learn to trust the universe to bring what's best for you. I also asked the Goddess to give me a sign so I'd recognise him.

Months went by, and no one appeared. But I didn't give up hope. I decided to stop dating, to make room for the right person.

Then one night, the Goddess sent me my sign. I had a dream so vivd that I felt as if I was awake. I was standing in the middle of huge puffy white clouds filled with light. Suddenly, a man stepped out of the cloud in front of me. I couldn't see his face because he was lit from behind, but he was wearing a black leather jacket and black pants and had dark hair. He puts his hand out to me and a motorcycle appeared next to him, black and full of shining chrome. I found myself climbing onto the back of the bike and he was seated in front of me. He gunned the engines and we took off into the light, surrounded by the roar of engine and wonderful laughter.

I woke up with a start - the phone was ringing. I picked it up, still half asleep. It was my best friend, Mitchell, who immediately began urging me to go out with another friend of his - Bruce Fields.

''I was telling him all about you last night and he really wants to meet you. He's one of New York's top photographers, he's got a house on the ocean in the Hamptons, he's got three fabulous stereos...''- at which point I cut him off.

''No, Mitchell, I've sworn off men,'' I said, yawning. But Mitchell was determined. ''He's very good looking. And he rides a Harley.''

''What?'' I exclaimed, now wide awake.

''It's a motorcycle,'' he replied.

''I know it's motorcycle. What color is it?'' I asked, holding my breath.

''It's black, with a lot of chrome.''

''I'll meet him,'' I laughed.

A few nights later, I did. He was dark haired, handsome, and had a wonderful sense of humor. But best of all, he was dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, and he tossed on a black leather jacket as we left his Soho studio to checkout some art galleries.

Our second date was on that Harley. And it was parked in the backyard of our country house when we were married a few years later.

Want to read more of such stories? Go get the book! :)

To end the topic for today, I have a VERY sweeeeeet video to share. It will sure put a big smile on your face. And remember, the next time you wish for something, pay attention.

Signs (by Publicis Mojo)


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