Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Black

Due to the popularity of my white lullaby pillow, I've come out with the black version! Funny how initially I made this pillow from the fabric print I'd used on my notebook for fun's sake and turned out, it sold better than the notebook. So the next time you have any weird ideas, just go ahead and do it. You never know who is going to like your crazy stuff.

For more information on this black pillow, please visit my etsy store here.

Can't decide whether to get the white or black one? Get a set for a better price then.

Customer requested for names to be sewn on the pillows.

I will be coming out with a series of black notebooks following this. Black fetishes out there, stay tuned!

One last thing to share before I go. 'A Letter For You' postcard made it to the treasury! Yay. Thanks for featuring my work Kym (kimbuktu). My etsy shop has a little over 100 hearts now! Thank you for all the support. :)


devonrose said...

I LOVE both versions of the pillow!

Holly said...

Oooh the black one is pretty! In fact, they both are. I think it's very smart that you offer a discount is someone wanted both.

I've noticed music is a recurring theme in your shop, which I love. Do you play music, or are you just inspired by it? I fall into the second category, I can't play an instrument to save my life. But even still, music has influenced me in many ways.

BrigaBauble said...

Your work is beautiful. Discovered your shop through the Etsy forums, saw your note about a blog giveaway and was excited to enter. Sorry I missed it this round but, I'm now following your blog so, hoping to catch the next one.

I'm currently featuring a profile of and blog giveaway from a talented Etsy fiber artist on my blog. Hope you'll enter :)

cutiepie company said...

I love your pillows, so sweet! It's funny isn't it, how some things are just happy accidents? It's true, we have to remember to just go with our crazy fun ideas sometimes, and not hold back.

Unknown said...

these are such sweet lil pillows! i couldn't decide between white or black, so it's a good thing that you've made the combo deal. :)

babalisme said...

rhee.. you live in Singapore..there's no need to pee standing... :D

Thank you about your comment on my banner.. I made it myself and I thought I hate it.. I like it more now, thanks to you!