Saturday, January 31, 2009

Result For The Poll

The result is out! Thank you for the overwhelming response. As I have stated in the poll earlier on, I will only be counting the number of comments and not the votes from the voting list. I think it is more accurate this way.

It had been a close race between 'A Letter For You' and 'Waiting Forever'. But the winning entry goes to........ 'A Letter For You'!!!! Congratulations to those who voted for this entry.

People who voted for 'A Letter For You'.

1. Wendi Schoffstall
2. The Bird Lady
3. LB Accessories
4. mamaroots
5. Fat Cat Crafts
6. Jan (
7. duringmyheyday
8. PrinkerWink
9. jacjewelry
10. Caroline D.
11. devonrose
12. Light and Writing
13. Elena
14. Christina (peasantsoup)
15. Bob

And the 5 lucky winners are...... tah-dah!!!!

1. mamaroots
2. Jan (
3. PrinkerWink
4. Caroline D.
5. devonrose

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for participating in this poll. It was definitely fun and exciting. Stay tuned for more interesting games! ;)


jacjewelry said...

Yay! It's my favorite. :)

Caroline D. said...

Yay! I'm so excited to get one of your beautiful illustrations!

Light and Writing said...

I must have missed this when you first posted! Yay so glad this one made it!