Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Christmas Dinner And Gifts!

Last Friday was a gloomy day for me, following the loss of my brother's camera. I remembered tucking it safely in my bag before I left home. At Bugis Junction mall, I decided to take some pictures. That was when I reached inside my bag and couldn't find it! Seriously, I was clueless how it had disappeared. Has it grew legs and ran away for holiday? Anyway, nightmare. Without a camera during Christmas season is more than an inconvenice, it's a total disaster! Thank God, my brother was kind enough to forgive me. He even declined my offer to get him another one. I love you Kor Kor ('elder brother' in Chinese), you're the BEST!!! :* Well, I managed to get myself another camera on Sunday. It wasn't any fabulous camera. I figured since I hardly need to use one (except for my product-shoot), I might as well get something from the lower price range. Afterall, I can do wonders with a lousy camera as long as I have my Photoshop. :) And. Because my brother didn't want me to pay for it, I can have the NEW camera ALL TO MYSELF! Happy~.

There was an early Christmas dinner and gifts exchange with some old friends last night. My NEW camera was put to good use. Giraffe restaurant and bar is located at Orchard Road, Istana Park, Singapore 238823 (opposite The Istana).

Frankly, the food wasn't that fantastic but with this kind of ambience, I'm not going to complain.

My bunch of crazy friends. Oh, I love them all. :) For more insane photos, pls visit my facebook here.

Thank you for these adorable Hello Kitty polaroids, Eva!

Pressies for the lucky draw!~

And I got these!!

Though I really wish to have these....

Camwhoring even in the restroom.

More Christmas lightings...

I hope your weekend was as great. :)


Pili said...

Oh my! Losing the camera was such bad luck! =(

But I'm glad to hear you now have a camera for yourself! =D

And by the pics, you've put it to good use AND had a brilliant time!!

Happy Holidays, Rheea!

cabin + cub said...

Oh no! It sucks to lose a camera. We broke ours last month, so had to get another one too.

Hope you have a great Christmas!! Looks like you are off to a good and festive start! :)

Holly said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your brother's camera got lost. It sounds like he was pretty cool about it though. I'm glad you got a new one in time to take photos of your fun night out, because I really enjoyed looking through them! You girls are all so beautiful, and you seem like a very fun bunch. Do you promise you'll let me hang out with you if I ever come to Singapore?