Thursday, December 17, 2009

Animals Etsy Time~

Yay. I'm done with my Christmas shopping!! No wait, there is actually one more to go. Because you see... after some struggles, I decided to keep one of the gifts for myself. Haha! Not to worry, I will get it replaced by tomorrow. :P

Now that the shopping is almost done.. I'm getting bored. I figure I should do some Etsy feature again??? Good. I hear some excitement going on already! Today's theme is not going be Christmas.. too many Christmas topics everywhere. Let's see... I've done 'Whimsical', 'Jewelry', 'Cute Stuff', 'Surreal Art' and 'Adorable Art' theme.. (Pls click on the names if you'd missed the post). How about 'Animal' this time? We all love Animals anyway, don't we? Without further ado.................................

Acrylic rings from qift. You HAVE to check out the store for other adorable designs!

Weenies! Yes, this is my Nono. Perfect reason for me to get one !!

Babies/toddlers are so fortunate these days...check out these organic natural wooden teething toy from littlealouette. What have we got to chew on during our times? Fingers? Clothes? Bolster? Did I just reveal my age?

Wool baby animals in egg carton from Asherjasper. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!
Ps: Vicky is away on a holiday.. pls contact her for more details on these cuties.

I know 'Snow white and the seven dwarfs' are not animals (hey, I read fairytales too!) but I have to throw in this as well. I'm sure you understand why.

OOAK (one-of-a-kind) handmade pendant from KatyScudieri. I wish I can create something so delicate.

Wood burned peg rack and bookends from Inspiredbymarie. I love the 'country feel' of this store..

Needle felted dogs from KaysK9s (may be customised). Would you have thought these are photos of real dogs if I hadn't tell you they were made from wool? I take my hat off to Kay! Recently one lovely blogger friend of mine lost her beloved dog, Rosie. Koralee, I hope this is a good way to keep your beautiful memories of Rosie. :)

Chicky five stones beanbags from Aruricards. This has to be one of my favourite childhood games (even though I played lousily). Sadly, these adorable beanbags are sold out. You may want to contact Aruri and try your luck. She's a really nice lady, I'm sure she'll be happy to help. :)

Handmade wallets from DearSukie. I tell you, this is one tough store to shop at. Over 200 exquisite wallets to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Porcelain mugs from Laurawallstaylor. How sweet to share your cup of coffee with these little friends.. :)

Lastly, Chicky doodle dish from Loveartworks. Also known as the 'Cutest EVER' Little Chicky Doodle Dish. I couldn't agree more.

Alright, that's all for today! :) We're one more day closer to Christmas!!!!!!!!


Pili said...

I only have part of a Christmas present to buy, so this year I'm SUPER satisfied!

And oh my goodness, I can't pic a favourite of all the things you've featured here, great great picks! I'll be busy checking all the shops for a while! ;)

Lori said...

Those items are gorgeous! We must be thinking the same thing today. I'm dying for the OOAK silver pendant - drool.

Torie Jayne said...

So many great finds, I adore the bird mug, that is so cute! Have a sweet day!

koralee said...

Oh my...I really want all of these lovely treasures...I adore the wallets and the Snow White sweet felt toys are adorable..I would buy them just for myself. I may have to treat myself after Christmas. ....One more Have a great great weekend my friend.

koralee said...

Silly me ....I am so grateful for you my dear...totally got hung up on all the exciting gifts that I am writing away to you and thought I had mentioned how sweet you are to think of me and pressed the send button, my mind is not with me these past few days.
What a sweet thing to mention Rosie...I would love to have one of these sweet little felt dogs. You really fill my heart with love...thank you so so much my friend...again you brightened my day. xoxoxoxoxo

Holly said...

What a fun post! You always do such wonderful features. I *LOVE* animals! The felted puppy dogs are so realistic, I thought they were real at first glance. And I adore the idea of having a little bird perched on my coffee mug. You're so good at this, Rheea!

devonrose said...

Awwww! So much super cuteness! I think I'll have to say that the animals in an egg carton are Devon's favorite!

jodi of the creative JAR said...

beautiful choices