Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos of Nono and My School Reunion

This fellow was sleeping on my bed and guess what.. he farted! I was busily working at my desk and then... a very unpleasant stench made my nose wrinkle... I turned around, he was soundly asleep. I walked quietly to the window; half expecting to see a rubbish truck or something outside.. returned to my desk when I found nothing exceptional. The horrible pungent smell persisted.. threatening to suffocate me. Suddenly it hit me. I moved closer to Nono....and to my horror.. .he was the culprit!! I didn't mean it was a big deal he farted.. I was just..........amused... So. Animals fart in their sleep..... do humans? Just as I was wondering to myself, he woke up and gave me that, 'Yes? Did something just happened??' face. -___-

Despite his little 'disrespectful' act.. I still love this fellow to the max!

How can I not.....

with these sparkling eyes staring back at me. If 'looks could kill', I'd have died a million times.

I think I really irritate the hell out of him. Everytime he tries to take a nap and I want to take photos of him (that's the only time he won't move about), I make strange noises to keep his eyes open. Lol.

I adore taking photos of Nono.. different angles.. different body parts. Lol. My mom seriously can't stand me... apparently every pics look the same to her. Now I'm sounding like some first-time parents if I haven't already. And well, I LOVE smelling my boy! I'm sure you parents agree how nice (your) baby smells. Of course I don't mean their farts (still trying to get over the fart) but their very 'original' body odor. It's addictive.

Love this pic.. he looks like he's smiling!
Okay.. now the finale pic. LOoooooVE this one!! The sweetest pic of us ever! Finally..... .I got a kiss from my boy.... :)
And here are two of the many photos we took at my class reunion last week. The ladies looking prettier after 16 years..... 

It was really great to reconnect back with old friends... friends whom I haven't met for 16 long years.. friends who shared the same classroom as me; some sitting around me.. some who made fun of me.. those fun and laughters (and scoldings from teachers) we shared. The good old school days... sigh. :) Glad to know everyone is doing well now.

This was just a third of the class. Hopefully we'll be able to locate the rest of them and get everyone together for our next gathering which is coming very soon. WoohoooO~~

Alright. I'm heading to the gym now. It's a beautiful day today.. don't stay at home, go out and get some fresh air if you can~~ Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :D


jacjewelry said...

Nono is the cutest! Aww look at his face... Glad you had a good time at your reunion!

Pili said...

Doggies' farst are seriously stinky!! But that doesn't make them less cute!!

After reading about your class reunion I kept on thinking about much fun it would be to meet my old classmates!

Have a great weekend, Rheea!

devonrose said...

Lol! Nono is the cutest. Bik can be really farty too sometimes, but I love 'em anyway. He's my little piggy:) Glad you had fun at your reunion...I've never been to one!

koralee said...

What fun...looks like a beautiful day. Plus I adore your images of your sweet pup...adorable. Happy weekend. xoxoxo

Juliet said...

Nono looks such a sweetie. Lovely photos!

Risya! said...

hey heyy~~
i'm visiting youu^^

cabin + cub said...

Awwww. he is so cute.. even if he is a little gassy! ;)

I BLEED PINK said...

Your doggie sounds just like mine!! Loco snores so loud, sometimes I am like is there a grown man in the bed with me...LOL!!

I am the same way with taking pictures of him, I can only imagine when I have a child what I will be like.

Almay Alday said...

Hilarious post!