Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blind Artist and Indian 'Michael Jackson'

First of all, THANK YOU for the great responses to my Etsy Vintage Feature (one post down). This feature attracted a few more followers to my blog which adds up to 102 now! Thank you every single one of you for making my day. :)

Two very different videos to share with you today. The first video gave me goosebumps. Watch how a blind artist (he reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld. LOL!) painted a Volvo! Incredibly inspiring.. Now I truly understand what it meant by painting with your heart and not with your eyes.

The second video is 'highly recommended' by friends. I never know where this 'famous' Indian 'Michael Jackson' came about until now. Funny or not, you decide. It did make me giggle.. and I have to say, he can dance pretty well. lol. One comment read, ''No wonder Michael is dead after seeing this video....''. :p

Tonight there is going to be an elementary school, class reunion for us....... after 16 years! It's going to be fun~~!!! :D


Pili said...

Elementary school class reunion... that sounds like fun!
We don't have class reunions over here, but it'd be nice to see what all the people that we used to know at some point have been up to...

koralee said...

What fun on your blog today...have a great time at your reunion! Those are always interesting to go to. Happy February sweet one.

babalisme said...

LOL omigod!! Bollywood sure has a distinct style, but this? :D :D