Monday, June 1, 2009

Holly Rocks

My very FIRST purchase from Etsy! I've always like necklaces.. all kinds of necklaces.. funky ones, cute ones, elegant ones.. (one day I should take a pic of them all and show it off here). Anyway that's beside the point.

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a little tour around Holly's store and found this lovely vintage key necklace. I dropped her a message hoping she could make a longer chain for me, that I would pay a little extra. Guess what was her reply? She said she could do it at no extra cost because.... I AM HER BUDDY! Did you hear that? She's calling me, 'BUDDY'! (I hope she don't just call everyone her buddy).

You might be curious how Holly and I came to 'know' each other. Holly was one of my very dear faithful blog readers (of course I am hers too). This sweet lady would always be the first few person to visit my blog each time I made a new post. After frequenting each other's blog for a period of time and interacting through blog comments, we got to know each other better. That should be how 'buddy' came about. (Anything you wish to add on, Holly?) Not only that. Holly discovered my passion for music through my blog and so, she included a cute music note keychain to the package. How sweet is that! :) (Sorry Holly, I hope your customers are not going to start pressing you for free gift after reading this).

I really like the contrast of the silver chain and the key.

Please visit her store, Hollyrocks (notice her cute store name) or her blog here. I swear you will never get bored reading her blog.

Once again, thank you for the extra effort my dear buddy. You rocks! ;)


Hollyrocks said...

I'm so glad you like your necklace! I was very excited to find that little key, and I was hoping that it would end up in good hands. I bet whoever owned it previously had no idea that it would end up on the neck of a lovely lady across the ocean!

Thank you so much for blogging about the stuff you got from me, it makes me so happy to hear that you are pleased with your purchase. I should hire you as my new photographer, your pictures look better than mine! :-)

babalisme said...

Holly does rocks!! I really like your choice!!

devonrose said...

Love the necklace! How have you abstained from buying from Etsy for so long? I'm totally addicted and probably buy WAY more from there than I should ;P

byrheea said...

lol. Trust me Emily (devonrose), it's really hard. Each time I visit Etsy, my list of favorites increase rapidly. Now I TRY not to go there as much as possible. :p