Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recent Updates and Etsy Features (Vintage!)

My apology for disappearing for quite a while. I haven't been feeling well for the past week. First, the 'I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything' mood got me.. then Nono was sick... it was so bad. He peed BLOOD..... yes, fresh blood.. lots of blood. We were worried sick! Imagine waking up one morning and discovered pools of blood all over the living room.... just like a murder scene. Thankfully after a visit to the vet and taken some medicine, he made a full recovery. As soon as he got well, it was my turn; running nose, cough, body ache and a little fever. Glad I'm feeling better too. Okay, enough of the doom and gloom. Today is going to be a long post because I know..... you'd missed me terribly. :)

First of all, a latest pic of Nono to ease your worries. It's so good to see him in perfect health again.

Photos taken at my cousin's (the bridegroom) wedding last week.....

my niece. Sooooo adorable right! Smooches~

me and my favourite cousin! :)

my family (mum, brother and soon-to-be sister in law. Dad wasn't there that day). They're going to kill me for posting this. Lol.

Beautiful cousins~~

And now........................... It's Etsy Feature time!~~~ This week's theme is Vintage- Home Sweet Home. I had such a great time putting these together... like I'm doing shopping for my dream home. Hee.

Plenty of amusing things in this shop, halfpintsalvage. For instance, chalkboard made from salvaged window....

Another one that allows you to hang your keys.

Guess what is this? A cheque imprinter! I've never seen anything like this... of course I'm far from that era but still.. it's so pretty!

love their coat racks too. These are made out of stair balusters!

Nursery circus mirror from sweetlilystudio. So adorable right!

Want something cuter? Check out their Pinnochio wood hanger! I bet you'll like this. :D

Vintage transistor radio from solsticehome.

Tennis racket with cover. I've seen this one before! When I was VERY young (have to emphasize on VERY young).

Next, take a look at this beautiful clock from birdie1 which made it to Etsy front page.

Something else I like from this shop - vintage wood hanger (print included).

How about a pink wagon for your plants from baconsquarefarm. The men may not get it but this pretty wall decor has got 44 hearts in Etsy (one from me).

This one caught my eyes too. It has got 45 hearts. Well... need I say more?

Sweetest (match) boxes I've ever seen! You may even personalize them at tinkeredtreasures's, like the one below.

The following shop gave me quite a headache. I meant it in a good way. There are well over 370 items to choose from Fondue. I tell you, I love almost ALL the items! Their tissue boxes alone top my favorites chart....

and I have not even shown you their Switch Plates... Instead of using the usual boring plates for your switches, how about these? They're like beatiful paintings on the walls.

Lovely cushion covers from JolieMarche.

Vintage jar lamp from MINDASART.

A blender lamp? What else can't you make into a lamp? Creative has no limits eh.

Love this wooden step ladder from Hindsvik. This will do it for my home library in future. Hee.

Drooling over this Map desk too! It has over 110 hearts in etsy. I'm not surprise.

Saw this gorgeous photo frame from IvarsDesign, on Etsy front page just yesterday.

Something for your kitchen... Does your granny still uses this? Egg beater with wood handle from postroadvintage.

Vintage cookies/cake cutters!

Less than $50 to get NINE antique utensils. What do you say?

Want to look pretty even when you're doing housework? Put on these lovely gloves from JulieMeyer, they'll make you enjoy your chores more. *Hinting the husbands.

Lastly, allow me to throw in my lastest listings on Etsy. They may not be vintage but surely as good. ;) Again, I need to stress that these silkscreen postcards are 100% HANDMADE (with smooches) by me! *Actual products will look way better than the photos. More images can be found HERE.

Have you found something you like? :)


polaris1203 said...


Hope You and Nono are feeling better now, do take care... :)

Love those pictures on the vintage items, so interesting... :) And your new postcards, especially the headphone one, very nice... :)
加油! :)

I BLEED PINK said...

I am so glad that Nono is better and I hope you get to feeling better too!!

Love the etsy finds, especially the vintage cookie cutters and matchbooks.

Hindsvik said...

That pay cheque printer is Amazing! We love the colours! Thanks so much for including our Map Desk and Step ladder in your post. :)

Kind Regards,

Daniel + Valeria

sue@solsticehome said...

Thank you for the feature Rheea
I'm in such awesome company

Pili said...

I'm so glad to hear Nono is completely well and back to being healthy again!

And I really hope you are feeling better too! Get loads of rest, lady!

And wow, you have such great taste, amazing finds, Rheea!

Lrc said...

I'm glad that you and Nono are feeling better...some lovely finds! I really enjoyed your prints the most!

JulieMeyer said...

I remember those payroll printers!

Thanks for including my Cleaning Gloves! Julie

Holly said...

Oh my, I would have been scared to death too if I walked into a living room full of blood! I'm so glad everything is back to normal now. Your feature blew my mind! I am in love with almost every single thing you posted, especially the pink wagon planter! Your taste is impeccable, buddy. ♥

unblocker said...

Hey chio bu! What's up and How you doing?


apparentlyjessy said...

Poor Nono :( It is so worrying when your pet gets sick isn't it? I am glad he is better now! I love seeing pictures of Nono, I would like to put in a request for more please!

LOVE your vintage Etsy finds! I too love scouring Etsy for gorgeous vintage things, I really love the Fondue shop, thanks for the link, I hadn't discovered them yet, the switch covers are amazing.

Hope you are feeling better soon x

devonrose said...

I love your features and always find great shops to add to my favorites! Devon and I would be so honored to be featured for your "wee ones" post:) I started to add our Spring line...but I'm doing it slowly for listings sake...
I'm so glad to hear that Nono is OK! must have been freaked out! The only time Bik got hurt (he got his tongue bit by a rat!) I was so worried, it made Devon cry!