Monday, January 11, 2010

David Tao Concert and Charity

Last Friday was the much anticipated concert of the talented Taiwanese singer-songwriter, David Tao. This was his fourth concert in Singapore for four consecutive years and I've been to all four! First time was because the then-boyfriend liked him and so I went with him. After which, there was no going back. I was bewitched by his captivating voice like honey to a bee and had to return for his second concert. Then I see no reason for me not to go for the third one since he'd chosen to come on my birthday! Heh. Now there were rumors saying this would be his last concert before he leaves the music industry to embark on his movie director career. I hope this is not true (heart shattering). Whether or not he is leaving, I went for his fourth performance anyway. :)

Outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium... The weather was perfect... wind blowing on my face.. Beautiful sky..... (dreamy sigh).

We were there an hour earlier! Yes.. kiasu ('afraid to lose' in Hokkien). Haha. Our seats were pretty far from the stage but not to worry, I was experienced enough (fourth concert) to know there would be two large screens on both sides to give us an excellent view of the performance on stage.

Waiting for the seats to fill up.....

Still waiting.... zzZzzzzzz.......

We got bored....... and started to entertain ourselves......

Argghhh! A snake!! LOL.

And the concert began!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

Sorry, no more photos! Photo taking is not allow during the performance. I could have done it discreetly and I utterly regretted not doing that! :( Anyway, I'd probably forgot my own name once David appeared on stage, let alone taking photos. His magnetic vocal completely lured me away from any boredness I could possibly feel, for over two hours! David took us back to the 70's and 80's when he sang some of the popular English oldies. What really surprised me was when he showed off his guitar skills and performed the 'Hotel California' by The Eagles. I was impressed! (melting point). If my boyfriend has a voice like his, I will make him sing to me everyday! ha.

Posters for this concert, DT in Space- the Rock and Talk Show.


Images from here.

What I respect most about this man is far beyond who he is but what he is about. Many of the songs he composed taught us about life, about love and courage. His attitude towards music is admirable; he stands his ground and refuses to conform to produce what most people perceived as 'beautiful', in other word, 'sellable' music.

In his concert, he shared with us his passion for guitar since he was a teenager. The first thing he did when he got home from school was to play his guitar... even in the bathroom, guitar. Before he went to bed, again guitar. Sometimes he fell asleep and woke up with guitar strings marks on his face! He encouraged that if there is one musical instrument we're really passionate about, give ourselves ten years to master it. Don't give up and we will succeed. This hit home. I can totally relate to what he said because I have a special feeling for piano for the longest time but each time I proceed to learn something new, I felt like giving up after a couple of attempts.. it was really...frustrating. I guess I was too eager to see the result that I failed to enjoy the process. Instead of crediting myself for the little progress I've made, I stressed myself over not being good enough. David's words reminded me to relax and thus be able to fully enjoy what I love. :)
If you've read my earlier posts, you may remember little Bobby. This adorable coin bank was bought a year ago. I made a promise that I will drop in 50 cents with $20 spent in my shops. All these money would go to the Singapore SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). On the other side, a portion of my Christmas postcards earnings go to ACRES (Animal Concerns and Research Education Society). Here are the two cheques I issued. Yay!~ The amount may not be huge but I have faith it will increase every year! Having said that, I felt really grateful to have the ability to help/give. :)

Is there something you can give today? It may be a helping hand to a stranger... some money to a charity that inspires you or even by just sending out that loving energy to someone... do it. Trust me, it feels really good. :)

''No one has ever become poor by giving.'' -Anne Frank.

Update: See what I told you about giving? The more you give out, the more you will receive. And I just received a blog award from Babalisme! You got to check out her awesome blog because she is always 'GIVING' away (see, giving again!) downloadable prints, cards, dress-up printable.. you name it. Click HERE for some of her fascinating art pieces. Be sure to hold on tight because you will be blown away!

Anyhow, this award is presented to "bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogworld." Oh my.. I'm flattered! Positive?.. I TRY to be all the time.... Creative? Well.. I got the award so I must be! Or at least to Babalisme. Heh.

Now, time to spread the positive and creative vibes around.. Ready? Catch it, Koralee, Holly, Emily, JessyValerie and Torie!~


Adele Di Fior said...

Those hands are extremely cute..! XD

Adele Di Fior said...

And I could really relate to what David Tao said about loving a person is to really bless the person with all the heart no matter what~* Much love to that!!

Pili said...

You're again an inspiration with your commitment with charities! And that's a great quote by Anne Frank!

I'm really glad you had a great time during that concert, I'll have to check him out! And yes, you should focus more on enjoying learning & practicing piano instead of setting up goals fast! I still envy you, cause I can't play ANY instruments!

Lrc said...

It sounds like a wonderful concert...what a wonderful message David Tao promoted! Its good to see a celebrity with integrity and heart!
That is great that you give to charities too, so many people are in need. Kindness can be in short supply if we don't do anything to promote it.

devonrose said...

Aww! Rheea, you are the best:)

dblchin said...

awwww... u r such a sweet n kind person! I'm sure ur coinbank will increase every year!

Thank you for helping out the animals in everyday! Awesome!

apparentlyjessy said...

Rheea, I admire your artistic talent so much, and I also admire how you give to charity with your earnings. I think the two charities you give to are so worthwhile, I love animals so much, you are right, it is a great feeling when you send the money off, knowing that it will help somehow!
Thank you so much for thinking of me for the sunshine award! xox