Friday, January 9, 2009

About Byrheea and Dollgift

Hmm... How should I start.. I’m sure there are more than one side in everyone. We feel different emotions at different time and different stages of our lives. byrheea (by rheea) portrays the more emotional me while dollgift reveals the childlike side of me.
Since music plays an important role in my life, it has to be one of the main themes in dollgift. And of course, this ‘doll’ represents the little girl I’ve created in my drawings. Oh, you might also see a cute little doggie in some of my drawings. He is none other than my lovely Dashund boy, Nono. :)

Nono on brother's desk.

Can you guess the length of his body?

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Bird Lady said...

What a great blog! I love your artwork - it has a kind of haunting and whimsical quality at the same time.
...and your puppy!! sooo cute! My friend has 3 dashsunds - 2 of which I babysat many times(very cute little things!)
Thanks for you comment on my blog!