Saturday, January 24, 2009

The MeMe Game

I've been tagged by The Bird Lady to list 10 random things about myself. So here they are,

1. I am a Pescetarian.
2. My daily boost is a cup of bubble tea (A sweet tea drink with tapioca pearls, originated from Taiwan).
3. My favorite cake is Tiramisu and I prefer those with rum content.
4. I love the sky and I always like to imagine what animal or person the clouds look like.
5. I can't leave the house without my Mp3 player. Basically there are all types of music in my Mp3 player. From rock to pop, to classical and chant. You name it, I have it. Haha.
6. I love anything related to Angels.
7. My favorite day of the year is Christmas eve.
8. My favorite color is Blue. Though I will never wear blue clothes.
9. The one and only perfume I will wear is True Love by Elizabeth Arden.

The last and longest but very important fact about me,

10. I am VERY addicted to the smell of my little bolster and won't go to sleep without her. She has the shape of a peanut so yap, her name is Peanut. :) Due to consideration for the weak heart, I shall not post her picture here. Because you see, Peanut is coming to 27 this year (same age as me), you might not be able to take it if you see the state she's in now. Lol.

PS: I just think it has to be a 'she'.

Ok, now I need to tag 1 person. halloweeniesmile, over to you! :)


Adele Di Fior said...

Oh my goodness! Peanut, I LOVE YOU~* XD

Caroline D. said...

So cute! I love Christmas Eve, too!

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

bubble tea is the BEST!

Hollyrocks said...

If you love angels, I've got a book to recommend to you. It's called Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson and it's a collection of angel stories. It is truly enchanting to read about the things people have experienced which have no real explanation. Some of the people even had their lives saved by unseen forces, it's amazing.

jacjewelry said...

I love, LOVE bubble milk tea! What's your favorite flavor? I love the green tea one.