Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

What are you doing on a Sunday? Lazing around at home? I prefer to relax at home on a Sunday.. spending time with my family, checking the emails or reading a good book.

I'm currently reading this book 'Angel Inspiration'. My third book by Diana Cooper! If you've read/ watched 'The Secret' before, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to this book 'A Little Light On The Spiritual Law' , also by Diana Cooper. In fact, I prefer her style than 'The Secret'. With stories and logics explained, I find it alot easier to understand. Just personal preference.

The first book that changed my life was also a book by Diana Cooper, 'Angel Answers'. That was when I began to fall in love with Angels and all books by Diana Cooper. Thank you Adele and Sylvia for sharing these great books with me! :)

Though I come from a Buddhist family, I firmly believe that all religions are the same. Guess I shall not go into that. Haha. But honestly, I do believe that Angels exist!!


gmistudio said...

i love to read this kind of book, i am going to buy the book ...

byrheea said...

Great. Hope you're able to find the book. Happy reading! :)