Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Nightmare Is Here

Hands up for those of you who haven't get a chicken pox! Good to know I'm not alone (my hand was up as well). :(

My brother got the pox last Sunday.. Instead of quarantining himself, he had been walking all over the house without a shirt on! He even came into my room several times a day to update me his condition. And each time before he left, he added, ''The doctor says you have 98% chances of getting it.'' Right! Thanks but I don't need the reminder! I could have scream at him to keep a hundred metres away from me but then I thought since I'm going to get it sooner or later, there's no point in avoiding. No, I don't just sit at home everyday to wait for the pox attack, I carry on my life as usual.

This reminds me of a funny picture when we were young. Several of my cousins got their chicken pox all at the same time, but instead of hiding away from them, we continued to play with them. I wanted to get the pox so badly after the adults told us that the older you get it, the more painful it will be. I even run to hug my cousin! Sadly, I still did not get it. lol. Is there a possibility that some people might never get a chicken pox in their lifetime? I hope I'm one of them..

During this period of time, my friends have been checking in to see if I've shown any signs of chicken pox. They seemed more concern than me. And I joked that I shouldn't be getting chicken pox since I do not consume chicken! (I'm a pescetarian). lol. Don't worry my friends, I'm still feeling strong and energetic! hehe. If I get it anytime soon, I'll update again.

This weekend I'm hoping to head out to the beach. Please pray for a pox-less weekend for me. Enjoy yours too! :D


Hollyrocks said...

I really hope you don't get them, I'll definitely say the pox-less prayer for you. I got them when I was just a tiny girl, I think I was about 2 years old. I was covered, but I don't remember it and at least I don't have to worry about getting them again.

I think it is possible to be immune from chicken pox. Maybe you hold the secret to the cure!!

byrheea said...

Thanks for the prayer Holly, I had a great pox-less weekend! :D Hope you've enjoyed yours as well.